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What Is the Price of You Tube Tv? Is a Membership to This Service Worthwhile?


With more than 85 live TV channels available in a single subscription, YouTube TV is an attractive option for the growing number of people who are cutting the cord.

The YouTube TV channels feature not just localized broadcast stations, but also several national and international standard cable channels. More than 98% of homes in the United States have access to it.

The most significant benefit of YouTube TV over other streaming services is users’ already-established comfort with the platform. Almost identical to the YouTube layout you’re used to, but with some updated features and more mainstream channels than competing live TV streaming services.

Pros and Cons

youtube tv cost

Features of YouTube Tv to Enjoy Are as Follows:

  1. The Basic package has over 85 channels.
  2. Offers a free trial version
  3. Discount of $30 for the first three months
  4. Cloud-based DVR storage with no limits
  5. Both real-time and recorded shows and films are available.
  6. An on-the-go streaming mobile app

This Is What I Don’t Like About YouTube Tv:

  1. There is no commercial-free option (and ads tend to last longer than on other platforms)
  2. Just the one program in English

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How much does a month of YouTube TV cost?

youtube tv cost

There is a monthly fee of $64.99 for YouTube TV (opens in a new tab). That settles the matter. Just do it. There is only a single monthly payment required to receive all of the benefits.

Unlike traditional cable, there is no commitment for YouTube TV, so you can stop or start service whenever you like. Despite the fact that it doesn’t offer quite as many channels as competing services,

We ranked YouTube TV as our second-favorite live TV streaming service, only behind fuboTV, since we think you’ll be a subscriber for a very long time.

Streaming local channels for free with no data or storage limits on the cloud DVR is a great perk (record as much as you want and watch at your leisure).

More and more channels and extras are now available as add-ons for YouTube TV. Both HBO Max and Showtime can be accessed.

Another package, Sports Plus, includes channels like NFL RedZone, Fox Soccer Plus, and many more. All the major Paramount Network channels are available, including MTV, BET, and Comedy Central.

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New as Of September of 2022:

youtube tv cost

  1. In September of 2022, HSN joined the portfolio of channels on YouTube TV.
  2. For a limited time, new subscribers can enjoy a 21-day free trial of YouTube TV instead of the usual 14.
  3. For a limited time, new clients can receive a discount of $10 for the first three months of service.
  4. Recently, Protocol reported that YouTube TV would be implementing a “mosaic mode” that would allow users to watch many channels at once. This is perfect for football enthusiasts who are looking forward to the forthcoming season.
  5. Universo is no longer included in the base subscription as of August 2022. As of right now, you can get it for just $14.99/month when you subscribe to the Spanish Plus upgrade.
  6. At the close of July, Gol TV was taken off of the Sports Add-on bundle.
  7. T-new Mobile’s “Internet Freedom” advertising campaign includes a deal where customers who sign up for both wireless and home internet from the company can save $50 off of YouTube TV for an entire year. If you subscribe to YouTube TV for a year, it will cost you just $32.50 a month.
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