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Whats App Web for PC: How To Install It


Before we go any further, let’s take a look at why WhatsApp was never made available for PCs. The answer, of course, is a piece of cake. WhatsApp was built for smartphones. If you have Yahoo! Messenger installed on your computer, you won’t be able to use this as a replacement for it.

As a result, WhatsApp’s developers produced numerous mobile-specific versions of the app but did not make any versions for desktop computers. Because they’re all mobile operating systems, you’ll be able to get WhatsApp for any of them. When it comes to computers, you have options like Windows 8 and Linux, among others.

WhatsApp’s popularity has spread throughout the globe and across languages. Hundreds of languages are spoken by WhatsApp users (like Hindi). Because of this, there has been an enormous increase in interest in having this software available on a PC over the last few months.

BlueStacks, an Android middleware emulator, was soon being used to run this software on PCs. We may now use our PCs to engage with our mobile WhatsApp accounts thanks to the efforts of WhatsApp’s developers.

You may use WhatsApp on a computer via the official WhatsApp website.

wts web

With the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, the social media behemoth has added a long-desired feature to the world’s most popular mobile chat program. Follow the procedures outlined below to get WhatsApp installed on your PC.

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Installing WhatsApp on a Computer: What You Need to Know

Before you begin, please make certain that the following conditions are met:

  • If you’re using an iPhone, you can’t utilize this function because it’s not accessible for iOS yet. a) Once you’ve got WhatsApp on your phone, you’re all set.
  • The computer on which you want to install WhatsApp must have Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.
  • A camera is a must-have feature on your cell phone. (Aren’t self-portraits the best?)

How to Use WhatsApp on a Computer

wts web

WhatsApp can be installed on your computer if the following conditions are met:

1) Make sure you have the most recent version of WhatsApp on your phone. Having an outdated version of WhatsApp on your phone will prevent you from installing WhatsApp on your computer. WhatsApp 2.11.498 or newer is required on your mobile device.

On your phone, open WhatsApp and then navigate to Settings > Help > Check for updates. About

Now, open the browser and type in in the address bar.

2) You must use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera if you want to use this page properly. Thank you. You’ll get an error if you use Internet Explorer or any other web browser other than Chrome.

On the aforementioned website, a QR Code is just waiting to be scanned by visitors.

3) Now that you’ve picked up your phone, open WhatsApp. Take a look at the main menu and select WhatsApp Web from the drop-down.

To scan the QR Code, hold your smartphone camera up to your computer’s screen and follow the on-screen instructions.

Remove the instruction screen by pressing “OK, GOT IT” and allowing your phone to scan the QR Code.

4) And that’s all there is to it! The WhatsApp screen will show on your computer as soon as the QR Code is scanned. You may now use your PC to communicate with your WhatsApp connections and send messages to them.

Have a good time? You have to be, right? For people who have difficulty typing on their mobile phones, WhatsApp on a computer is a great option. Larger fonts are displayed on a computer screen, making it easier to type quickly on a computer keyboard. Additionally, there are several advantages. Let’s take a closer look.

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Benefits of WhatsApp on a Computer

wts web

  • As a first benefit, using WhatsApp on a PC will allow you to type messages much more quickly, making your chatting experience more enjoyable.
  • Images and videos stored on your PC can be sent quickly and easily.
  • Your PC will have a lot more storage space if you download WhatsApp photographs and videos to it.
  • You won’t have to sign in again once the QR Code has been scanned because that keeps you logged in.

Cons of Using WhatsApp on a Computer

  • WhatsApp on your computer is just a mirror reflection of what you see on your phone. The identical message will be sent from both your PC and mobile phone when you send a WhatsApp message (but the receiver will get the message only once).
  • Because of this, your data usage on the Internet will increase by double. Both your mobile phone and computer’s internet connections will be utilized.
  • This could be a privacy issue while using WhatsApp on a computer that is shared by others. Your WhatsApp message will be visible to everyone who is using your computer. He will also be able to communicate with his friends and family members via the app.
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