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WHAT is Youtube Music Download? Step to Download Youtube Music!

youtube music download

The official YouTube apps are the best alternative for individuals who just wish to listen to songs on YouTube offline. To save a song for offline listening, open it in the YouTube app and tap the Download icon underneath the title.

Remember that saving this music offline may require a YouTube Premium subscription. Keep in mind that this will also download the videos that go along with these songs, which takes up a little more space than just downloading the audio files. If that’s a deal-breaker, try the YouTube Music app instead.

How do I get music from YouTube?

Subscribe to the YouTube Premium service. To do so, go to the YouTube Premium homepage. You will receive a complimentary two-month free trial if you are a new customer. The subscription service thereafter costs $11.99 / £11.99 each month. We do this because YouTube Music Premium allows you to download music for offline listening, as well as skip advertising and listen to music with your phone screen locked.

Install YouTube Music. Search for ‘YouTube Music’ in the app store on your phone. It should be the first search result. To download the app to your phone, tap that and then ‘Install.’ Instead of ‘Install,’ you’ll see ‘Open.’

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Select a song, album, or playlist to download. To download music, first, find the tracks you want to listen to offline. Type the name of the song or album into the search bar at the top of the YouTube Music webpage. Give a tap when you see your desired song in the search results. Scroll down the YouTube Music homepage for playlists until you locate one of your saved playlists from the main YouTube site, or a mix generated by YouTube itself, and press it.

To start playing a song, tap it. Then, in the top-right of your screen, hit the three-dots icon, then ‘download’ from the submenu that appears. The song will immediately begin to download for offline listening.

Tap on your selected album or playlist, then look for the ‘download’ symbol towards the top, right below the album’s information. To download an album or playlist to your smartphone, all you need is one tap.

Return to the YouTube Songs homepage, select ‘Library’ from the bottom-right menu, then ‘Downloads’ to access all of your downloaded music for offline listening. Once you’ve downloaded the song, you won’t need an internet connection to listen to it.

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Alternatives to get music from YouTube?

There are numerous websites where you can obtain audio files from YouTube videos. You can use Google to find any site that suits your needs. We tried and it worked perfectly.

Open and paste the YouTube link into the text box to get audio files from YouTube videos. Make sure mp3 is selected beneath the text box before clicking Convert. A blue Download button will appear on the site a few moments later. Save the file to your computer by clicking here.

On the Play Store, you’ll have a hard time finding a reputable option for downloading YouTube songs. Yes, you can use sideloading apps like NewPipe to get free YouTube music, but we don’t advocate it. Because sideloading jeopardizes the security of your Android phone, you should avoid it unless you’re sure what you’re doing.


Even though YouTube is primarily designed for streaming videos, knowing how to download music from the site is useful. YouTube Music, which enables paid users to download songs on their mobile devices, recognizes this.

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