What Is Tiktok Big Bank Challenge? Check Here for The Complete Guide

When the year 2021 began, TikTok introduced an exciting new competition. This time around, the competition was called the Tiktok Big Bank Challenge. Due to the challenge’s popularity, the hashtag #bigbank has amassed over 1.3 billion views.

The song “Mean” by $not and Flo Milli served as the inspiration for the TikTok Big Bank challenge. In this challenge, women are encouraged to dance provocatively to the song’s lyrics. Thus, in this test, a large bank represents a substantial financial reward.

The success of $not’s “Mean” single is often credited to the challenge. I’ve got an attractive face and a large bank account, the lyrics go.

TikTok‘s big bank challenge videos began appearing online on January 2, 2021. @halle.c00l. TikTok Cat is responsible for the upload.

While shooting the video, she dressed as if she were going to work on a subway. The video went viral in a matter of months, racking up over 8 million views in just five.

The competition officially kicked off when the first video was posted. The TikTokers performed admirably. They posted over 75,000 videos to TikTok, the vast majority of which went viral immediately due to their exceptional quality and the challenge’s widespread popularity.

If you want to take part in the TikTok Big Bank Challenge, all you have to do is launch the TikTok app on your mobile device.

  • Get things started by listening to “Mean” by $not and Flo. Milli
  • To flaunt your derriere, you should dance with your back to the audience (big bank)
  • Make a self-video and post it online.
  • Put it on TikTok and tell the world!

Some Creative Ways that Ticklers Ramped up The Challenge

Tiktok Big Bank Challenge


The creators of TikTok have shown a lot of originality. Some participants in the challenge decided to make it more sexually explicit in order to increase the excitement level of their fan base.

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They were flaunting their dancing skills and booties while wearing leggings. Others did it while wearing only a bathing suit or shorts.

We can all agree that the booty looks great in leggings, shorts, and swimsuits. Dancing seems to bring it on more often. TikTok was ecstatic whenever they came across such videos.

How Some Responded to The “tik Tok Big Bank Challenge”

What Is Tiktok Big Bank Challenge? How To Do It?

Some people, as usual, were completely captivated by the TikTok big bank challenge. The release of entertaining and sexually suggestive videos was met with overwhelming demand.

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However, some people were not happy with the assignment. They considered the women who exposed their buttocks to be immoral or seeking attention.

When done with a group of friends, the TikTok large bank challenge becomes even more entertaining.

Show off your derriere while dancing to “Small Waist Pretty Face.” The winner is the contestant with the best dance moves and the biggest booty.

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