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What is Norstrat? Norstrat History, Services, Clients and Many More Updates!


Norstrat is a corporation that assists and advises new and small businesses in their growth. It offers customers political advice and marketing services. They also give customers the guidance and information they need to make informed decisions, design, and implement new approaches to help them achieve their goals.

Their consultants work closely with each client to learn about their individual issues, provide custom solutions, and deliver results.

NORSTRAT has been in operation for 30 years. It offers its customers the greatest services in the United States and Canada. A group of former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and government employees framed it.

What is Norstrat, exactly?


People approaching Norstrat include corporate businesses, government agencies, and even the military.

It is one of the greatest companies, giving excellent service to many business people, government officials, and even the military. Canada’s northern strategy is a fantastic way to grow your business.

You still need more information, thus Norstrat Consulting assists people in implementing this approach in accordance with their objectives. This consulting firm helps numerous businesses succeed.

Norstrat provides the following services:

1. Branding

2. Assistance with marketing

3. Security Teams from NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated

4. Publicity for our Strategic Partners

5. Student Interns from Canada’s finest military and law enforcement colleges

6. Business cards, brochures, letterhead, and other Norstrat marketing items.

7. Employee NORSTRAT Shirts and Polos

8. NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated Security Teams Access

9. A distinct identity in the Northern Strategy Community that you may use to represent your company or organization.

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Norstrat’s History

Norstrat is a Canadian corporation, which explains why they are professionals at putting the northern approach into action. They began as a modest agency with only one office. However, as a result of their hard work and strategic implementation, they have now covered all of the United States, which is regarded as a major success. Even though it has grown significantly, one of its offices remains in Canada, where it began.

• Norstrat is a global integrated communications company that offers digital marketing, social media marketing, and public relations services.

• Norstrat expects to grow its business internationally.

• They are also eager to explore new markets in their neighborhood.

• Norstrat has offered a diverse range of services to clients based on their specific requirements.

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What is Norstrat’s main focus?

The firm’s main concentration is on large infrastructure projects that are entirely supported by the government. While it may also involve federal programs, the main objective remains the same. Satellites, transportation, telecommunications, defense, and social structure systems are all included. Housing and other comparable efforts are also included in the investment packages.

What is the Norstrat Client Process?

The procedure is normally carried out by aiding the client throughout the government’s broader northern strategy and its opportunities. They were entrusted with supporting the customer in identifying and obtaining the primary associated shareholders and tasks as part of this procedure.

There are numerous ways to accomplish this, including exchanging domain information on critical issues. It could also bring new prospects for improving Northern infrastructure. Aside from using expert bidding, completing and managing infrastructure development projects is also important.

All of this is included in their package, which they even modify for each individual client. Before selecting a bundle for their whole consultation, the customer is able to discuss all of this.

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Norstrat’s Expertise in This Field

Norstrat possesses a diverse set of abilities. Some of the more notable ones are listed here.

Subject Matter Objectives

In 2014, I was accepted as a member of the Victoria Strait Expedition.
The government has accepted the key points of Canada’s Northern Strategy. Conference presentations and papers Northern travel and networks have been expanded.

Northern System Building Objectives

The BAPS Iceberg Tracking System has been created successfully.
IDIAS Ocean Ice Mapping was developed.
The MCOIN III Recognized Maritime Photo System garnered positive feedback as well (RMPS).
Arctic Surveillance is the most precise of the company’s initiatives.
AIS-Space Arctic Marine Survey and Motion Tracking was invented in the Arctic.
I finished the Radarsat Constellation Mission.

Expertise in Business Growth

Over $200 million in federal money
Effective and inventive campaign strategies.
The concept also includes bidding administration.

Project Management Expertise

They were tasked and fulfilled various Project Management objectives during recent excursions.

Focused Capital Project Expertise

The Radarsat II mission was completed successfully with the help of the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel.
The Radarsat Constellation’s mission is now complete.

Norstrat Clients | Who All Are Connected With Norstrat?

  • Ultra Electronics Marine Systems
  • Saab Technologies Canada (via H+K)
  • Raytheon Canada Support Services
  • Northwestel (via H+K)
  • Northrop Grumman (via H+K)
  • MacDonald Dettwiler
  • L-3 Ocean System
  • L-3 MAS (via H+K)
  • Italian (via H+K)
  • L-3 MariPro
  • Kraken Sonar Systems
  • Hill+Knowlton Canada
  • General Dynamics Canada
  • Deloitte

  • Cassidian
  • Canadian Light Source (via H+K)
  • Babcock (via H+K)
  • Astrium SAS
  • AlphaSights
  • Aker Solutions


Norstrat Consulting Inc. has produced a number of brands, many of which you are familiar with. It offers a diverse range of goods and services. While considering it part of the Canadian Northern Strategy, it is believed to transform it from a conventional firm into a respected brand.

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