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How to Use the Windows Snipping Tool and Alternatives!


Use the power of visual communication to quickly and easily explain complex project information to anyone. For eons, people have used geometric forms and patterns to communicate with one another.

Sending a short email will save you time. Instead of rambling, use the Microsoft Windows Snipping Tool to teach your coworker just what they need to know. Start sniping ahead of the competition.

The Snipping Tool is equipped with a plethora of useful extras. Windows users can make use of snipping tools that save their work in the cloud, alter images in-app, record their screen, and connect with other productivity and messaging programs.

For Those Who Are Unfamiliar, What Exactly Is a Snipping Tool?

The Snipping Tool first appeared in Windows 7, and subsequent versions of Windows include it as well.

A screenshot can be taken off the full screen, a specific window, or a rectangular region of the screen.

By using this tool, you can extract just the recipe from a web page and send it to a friend without including the rest of the content. As an illustration of Windows’ snipping tool, the image is shown.

Learning how to use Windows Snipping Tool

snipping tool

The user interface of Windows 7’s Snipping Tool is simplistic, with only three buttons to choose from.

The Windows 10 version of the Snipping Tool differs slightly in appearance from the Windows 7 version. The Mode and Delay buttons can be found on the Windows 10 Snipping Tool, but not on the Windows 7 version.

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What each of the primary buttons performs is described below.

  1. It’s brand new and works with either OS to start a screenshot in the chosen mode.
  2. Only the Snipping Tool in Windows 10 gives you the option to customize the screenshot format, which is covered in the upcoming section. With Windows 7, you may get the same context menu by clicking the down arrow beside New.
  3. Only in Windows 10 will you find the Delay option, which allows you to pause the screenshotting process for up to five seconds. To adjust the time between taking screenshots, choose an option from the drop-down menu.
  4. By pressing the “Cancel” button, you can abort the screenshot capture. You may accomplish the same thing by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard.
  5. The application’s options menu lets you adjust a variety of settings to suit your needs.

How to Choose an Alternative to Windows’ Snipping Tool

snipping tool


Ideal for companies that rely heavily on diagrams, charts, and other visual aids to educate clients and employees.

Snagit is an enterprise-focused Windows snipping tool designed for documenting processes in visual form.

Panoramic screenshots of scrolling web pages are also possible using the snipping tool, as is the creation of films from screenshots and sound.

The text from a screenshot can be copied and pasted using Snagit.

Annotation options including presets, custom templates, steps, and text editing are all available in the markup tool.

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Companies and large organizations will benefit the most from this replacement for snipping tools because it works with their existing productivity software.

Free users of CloudApp are restricted to recording their screens for no more than 90 seconds, uploading GIFs no larger than 15 seconds, and storing no more than 100 megabytes worth of data.

The bandwidth of 5 GB per day per link with a cap of 50 drops.

  1. Learning Microsoft’s Snipping Tool
  2. Here’s how to take a screenshot or record a video using our Windows app:
  3. Get the CloudApp today and get started
  4. Select the CloudApp.msi file and save it to your computer using your web browser’s downloads folder.
  5. CloudApp should launch automatically on Windows 10, but if it doesn’t, just look for it and launch it from there.
  6. Log in when prompted and use it for free for 14 days.
  7. To take screenshots, GIFs, or HD videos, click the “camera,” “GIF,” or “HD” buttons, respectively.
  8. You can take a screenshot of a specific region of your screen by clicking and dragging the area you want to capture.
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