Small Closet Hacks: Solutions I Use to Keep My Tiny Closet from Becoming Unmanageable

Something has to give when searching for an apartment in New York. It’s possible that you’ve made the trade-off between living 45 minutes away from work and having more space, or between having on-site laundry and having a much smaller apartment. To put it bluntly, I sacrificed some square footage in favor of a more convenient location.

Although it only takes me about four minutes to get to work on foot, my husband and I are crammed into a 570-square-foot apartment that is barely big enough to swing a cat. Though we have four closets in our apartment, they are by no means spacious; therefore, we need effective solutions for small closets to maintain our sanity.

Now that we’ve been there for two years, I’ve finally found a way to control my rapidly growing closet. It may seem counterintuitive to add more things to an already overflowing closet, but I’ve found that doing so is essential for maintaining order and sanity.

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to get your life in order, starting with your closet. Find below the seven quick and easy closet fixes and hacks I always recommend.

1. A Roomy Cabinet for Storing Shoes

small closet hacks

A Small, Two-Shelf Shoe Organiser Is Not Sufficient if You Have a Large Shoe Collection. I Have a Serious Problem with Shoes, and I Found This Solution a Year Ago and Haven’t Gone Back. Moreover, It’s Highly Modifiable, so I Can Rearrange the Shelves to Make Room for Shoes and Other Bulky Items.

2. Coupled with Identical Hooks

small closet hacks

Buying a Set of Matching Hangers Was the Most Grown-Up Thing I’ve Done to Date, and It Was Well Worth It. These Velvety Ones Are Great Because My Clothes Don’t Slide Off of Them, and I Can Fit Multiple Pairs of Pants on A Single Suit Hanger. Furthermore, Even if You’ve Given up On Your Closet, Uniform Hangers in A Neutral Colour Will Give the Impression that You Have Some Things Under Control.

3. Cube Storage System

small closet hacks

When My Lovely New Dresser Finally Arrived at My Apartment, I Couldn’t Contain My Elation until I Discovered that Each of Its Two Drawers Held No More than Three Sweaters, Leaving Me with Nowhere to Put My Jeans. One of The Best Purchases I’ve Ever Made Was This Cube Organiser I Ordered Online. It’s a Pretty Basic Idea, but As Long as Everything Is Folded Neatly, You Can Fit a Lot in There and Find What You Need Quickly.

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4. Attachment Points

Go out And Purchase Some Command Hooks Right Away if You Don’t Already Have Any. These Are in Every Closet in My Apartment, and They Have Eliminated the Need for Bags to Take up Valuable Floor Space. You Can Hang Anything from These Hooks at Any Height You Like, so long as The Wall Is Free of Obstructions.

5. Shelves for Cupboards

small closet hacks

Searching for A Low-Cost, Time-Saving Solution to Your Clutter Problem? You Can Easily Transform the Shelves in Your Kitchen Cabinets Into a Spot to Store Your Clothing and Accessories. They Take Advantage of The Vertical Space Afforded by High Ceilings to Create Additional Closet Space, a Welcome Addition for Those Who Value Their Clothing Collection. They’re Perfect for Stowing Away Bulky Items Like Winter Boots and Handbags that Are Too Large to Hang from Command Strips.

6. Separator Shelves

small closet hacks

Making the Most of The Space You Have Is Crucial, and These Storage Solutions on Open Shelves Are a Fantastic Way to Do Just That. Because I Have so Many Extra-Large Sweaters, I Have to Store Them on Top of My Shelves. This Can Lead to Sweater Avalanches if You Don’t Take Precautions. This Ingenious Use of Shelf Dividers Prevents Them from Collapsing Into a Single Heap and From Continually Toppling Off the Shelf.

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7. A Belt Hanger

small closet hacks

Before I Bought One out Of Desperation, I Thought They Were Kind of Useless. Although Command Hooks Are Fantastic, They Are Useless if You Have Several Belts Hanging from The Same Hook and Need to Remove Anything but The Top Belt. Besides Being Useful for Hanging Garments, This Hanger Can Also Be Used to Hang Scarves, Hats, and Other Small Accessories.

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