Siri Hacks: Learn Siri’s Hidden Talents

If you’re looking for Siri hacks, you’ll be pleased to know that Siri has a plethora of hidden features and capabilities. Siri is packed to the gills with tips, tricks, and practical applications. Apple’s assistant can help you with anything from rolling dice and flipping coins to translating words. All that is required is that you pose the right questions.

I’ve done the legwork for you and compiled all the essential Siri tricks you need to know. There are a lot of Siri commands you probably aren’t aware of.

We’ll go over some Siri tricks, such as how to get her to make noises, toggle settings on and off, cancel alarms, check the stock market, and mediate arguments.

1. a Hilarious Siri Hack: Instruct Siri to Utter Odd Noises

The capabilities and depth of Siri’s knowledge are impressive, but she can also be made to sound very off. There are two ways to make Siri sound strange.

Making her bark or moan is an especially amusing request for animal noises. Simply ask Siri, “Hey Siri, what does X sound like?” to find out. And it’s going to be the show of her life (X meaning insert your own animal or derivative of a noise)

Second, you can teach Siri to imitate the peculiar noises of any spelled sound by naming it. It’s not just animals; I’ve verified that there’s a simple trick to make Siri sound offbeat as well.

2. Quickly Access Dice Rolls and Coin Flips with The Siri Keyboard Shortcut “roll the Dice” or “flip a Quarter.”

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Sometimes you just can’t make up your mind, or you’d like to play a game that calls for a die but doesn’t have one. Your reliable helper, Siri, will go above and beyond to meet your needs.

If you say, “Hey Siri, roll the dice,” your digital assistant will give you two random numbers. She’ll give you two numbers if you ask her to roll a single die. If you want, we can keep going like this forever. So the next time you’re playing a dice game and you happen to be missing a dice, you can rest easy knowing that Siri has your back.

Many people think it’s difficult to decide between two options all the time. Similarly, if you have to decide between two options, Siri can help you do that, too. The phrases “Hey Siri, flip a coin” and “Hey Siri, heads or tails?” are both options. Heads or tails, she’ll give you an answer.

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3. The Top-Secret Siri Exploit: Command Everything from Your Phone

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Asking Siri to perform a wide variety of tasks through your device’s command center is a great way to discover features that you may have never known existed. Night Shift, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as the ability to activate Airplane Mode, are just a few of the features that can be controlled by voice command through Siri.

Instead of searching for the appropriate controls, you need only access your device’s Control Center and activate the desired commands with Siri.

If you connect an Apple device to the Home app, Siri can be used to manage your home’s lighting, temperature, and more. After that, you can issue commands like “turn on the heat” or “turn on the lights.” It’s possible to ask Siri to do things like turn off the lights in the basement or start the security system.

4. In the Fourth Modification for Siri, All I Phone Alarms Are Disabled.

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If you tell Siri to turn off all of your alarms at once, you won’t have to turn them off manually. To avoid having to manually silence each alarm, your digital helper can do it for you. A large percentage of the population uses hundreds of alarms. Ask Siri to delete them all at once, and she will gladly comply. Do you not find that useful?

Ask Siri to set an alarm for you at a specific time, such as in X minutes. If you need to know how many minutes or hours are left until your next alarm goes off, Siri has you covered.

As someone who uses multiple alarms on their phone daily, I find this Siri hack to be among the most useful. It helps me avoid wasting hours each day.

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5. Siri Hacks Are Hilarious: Ask Siri What Planes Are Flying Overhead.

It was no secret that Siri can answer questions on practically any subject. Do you know that if you see an airplane in the sky you can ask Siri about it? “Hey Siri, identify those planes in the sky.” and she’ll fill you in on every detail there is to know about them.

It won’t take more than a few seconds before she responds with a comprehensive table on your screen, detailing the airline, flight number, altitude, and even coordinates of your plane. More than that, Siri tells you exactly how far away the plane is, what kind of plane it is, and how high up the sky it is.

It’s funny and weird all at once; that’s how I’d put it. I felt more like a spy because all the data was reliable. Ask Siri the next time you see something unusual in the sky to make sure it isn’t a UFO.

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