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How to Hard Reset an Apple I Phone


Occasionally, our cellphones freeze up and refuse to respond to the usual techniques of powering down. A problem more chronic in Android phones, even iPhones get stuck at times, leaving customers little option but to hard reset their gadgets. Note that a hard reset is distinct from a factory reset, which erases all information from your mobile device. A hard reset is basically forcing your smartphone to restart using three buttons.

A forced restart will force your iPhone to shut off and restart without the regular routine. While shutting down the conventional approach is easier and more secure, it does not function if your iPhone becomes unresponsive.

show to hard reset iphone

The iPhone could be damaged by routinely doing a force restart, so it’s best if users avoid doing so unless absolutely necessary. The smartphone should shut down or restart in the way it is designed to unless it becomes unresponsive. Let us have a look at how to hard reset your smartphone, step-by-step.

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To force restart your iPhone, you need to press three buttons in rapid succession and keep holding it on the last button press. Here are the steps:

show to hard reset iphone

-The intensity of the push and pull Up button, push and release the Volume down button, then press and hold the power button. When hitting the power button, users need to hold it till they see an Apple logo on the screen.

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The iPhone has begun rebooting when the Apple logo was displayed. It’s worth noting that this can be a little bit tough and that users will need to get the functionality exactly correct for this to work. Therefore, it is recommended to try restarting the iPhone several times until you succeed.

When an iPhone is restarted in this manner, it may take longer to boot up than usual. After that, a reboot will bring up the lock screen like it would any other time.

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