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Many Free Rewards and Bundles Are Now Available for Garena Free Fire’s Season 45 Elite Pass.


For Garena Free Fire, the Elite Pass is a necessity. This allows them to gain access to various rewards such as weapons, skins, pets, and other characters in-game.

Every month, the popular battle royale game’s developers update the Elite Pass, giving players the opportunity to earn new rewards. Season 44 of the game came to an end on the 31st of January 2022, and the new Season 45 Elite Pass began.

Besides the Free Fire Redeem Codes, this is a good and easy way to get rewards. Detailed information about the Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass is available on this page.

The Season 45 Elite Pass for The Game Free Fire.

Season 45 Elite Pass has come to Garena Free Fire, many free rewards and bundles are available

In addition to badges and rewards, the Season 45 Elite Pass includes the Platinum Odette Bundle and Silver Rothbart Bundle. Listed below is a complete breakdown of the badges that each item will be available in.

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  • 0 Badges: 50x Gold
  • Five badges for Soaring Swan (Avatar).
  • Scan 3 times: 10 badges
  • 20 Badges per 1 pound of pet food
  • Thirty Badges: One Gold Royale Voucher
  • This shirt has 40 badges on it because it is blue and frozen.
  • Voucher for 50 badges from Diamond Royale
  • 60 Badges are included in each Fragment Crate.
  • 70 badges for a discount
  • Eighty Badges for Pet Food
  • It comes with 85 badges in the Evo Gun Token Box.
  • 900 Badges: 300 x Gold.
  • T-Shirts: 100 – Folded Fright Badges
  • Three summon airdrops to equal 120 badges.
  • There are 130 Badges in 1 Gold Royale Voucher.
  • 140 Badge Resupply Map 3x
  • 145 Badges in a single Evo Gun Token Box
  • One hundred fifty badges for the banner of soaring swan
  • 160 Badges: 500x Gold.
  • Item Number: 170 Fragment Case II
  • 180 Badges for three bonfires.
  • 190 Badges for 1 Gold Royale Voucher
  • More than two hundred badges in the whirl of the swan
  • 1 box of Evo Gun Tokens: 205 Badges.
  • 210 Badges for 3 Gold Royale Vouchers
  • 220 Badges x 3 Bounty Tokens
  • There are 225 badges in 500 universal fragments.

Is There a Way to Get a Bundle of The Elite Pass for Free Fire Season 45?

Platinum Odette Bundle (female) and Silver Rothbart Bundle (male) Are Two Nearby Bundles (male). Gold Rothbart Bundles Come with 225 Badges, While Platinum Odette Bundles Include 50 Badges. Keep in Mind that These Are only Available to Those Who Have Purchased the Elite Pass.

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What Is the Price of The Elite Pass?

Free Fire and Elite Pass, as well as Elite Bundle, are the two paid tiers of the game. The Regular Elite Pass on Free Fire’s Indian servers costs 499 Diamonds. The Elite Bundle costs 999 diamonds at the same time. Note that the game’s currency is diamonds.

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