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Replacement Air Pods: Here’s What You Need to Know


In today’s market, AirPods are a must-have for Apple customers. They have a small, wireless design that secures the user’s ear without wires. However, if you aren’t cautious, you might break them or misplace the charging case.

This would be extremely disappointing because these are not inexpensive. It’s also possible that the ear tips or batteries are broken. They are easily replaceable in any case.

Actually, AirPods can be replaced easily by Apple Authorized Service Providers. If you want to know how to ask for a replacement, read on.

Find out More About the Air Pods’ Warranty.

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First, let’s go over the terms of the warranty that comes with the AirPods, and then we’ll get into the replacement process. Please be aware that the severity of the problem with your AirPods will determine whether or not you will be charged for the service.

For this purpose, Apple’s AppleCare+ program and applicable consumer law both mandate a one-year limited warranty or service period. The replacement is on the house if one of these policies covers your problem. If not, however, you’ll have to pay for it yourself at your own expense. Let’s break down these three schemes:

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There Is a One-Year Time Limit on Apple’s Warranty.

All manufacturing flaws in the product are covered for a full year by this warranty. The time begins on the date of purchase.

Keep in mind that this protection plan would not apply to any problems that arose from making unauthorized changes to the product or from any outside influences. Verify the coverage status to receive benefits if the product has a manufacturing defect.

Regulations for Shoppers

How to Replace Lost or Damaged AirPods or Case: Your One-Stop Guide -  Headphonesty

Local or national consumer protection laws may differ from those in other places. The store from which you purchased the item may also make a difference. When all these criteria are met, the replacement of AirPods would be protected by consumer laws. Get familiar with the local consumer protections that apply to you.

Not only that, but customers can take advantage of Apple’s support even after the sale has been made. When your original 1-year warranty expires, the company will continue to provide warranty services for an additional 90 days.

Products serviced by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider are covered under this warranty.

Apple Care+

By Purchasing This Service, Your Apple One Year Limited Warranty Will Be Extended to Two Years. the Time Begins on The Date Your Apple Care+ Was Purchased. There Can Be a Maximum of Two Claims per Year for Accidental Damage Under This Plan.

According to Reports, There’s a $29 per Incident Fee Added on Top of The Service Fee, Plus Taxes. Those Who Have Signed up For Apple Care+ Can Send Back Their Broken Air Pods and Charging Case and Receive a Brand New Set.

Let’s Dive Into the Steps for Requesting a New Pair of Air Pods.

Free Service for Replacing Broken Apple Air Pods.

Apple Offers Free Repairs for Audio Problems on Select Air Pods Pro Models. the Units in This Model Were Produced Prior to October of 2020. the Company’s Primary Focus Is on Providing Solutions for Problems with Sound, Such as Static or Crackling During a Workout or A Phone Call.

This Also Protects You in The Event that Your Active Noise Cancellation Is Malfunctioning and Letting in Unwanted Noise.

You Can Get Free Help with These Problems by Scheduling an Appointment with An Apple Store or Other Nearby Authorized Service Provider. if Your Air Pods Have Stopped Working, You Can Call Apple’s Support Line and They Will Walk You Through the Steps of Sending Them in For a Replacement.

Apple Will Review Your Product upon Receipt to Determine if It Is Qualified for The Service Programme. They Will Replace the Air Pod Pro if Necessary, but They Will Not Replace the Charging Case Because It Has No Bearing on The Sound Quality. Problematic Products Purchased Within the Program’s 2-Year Window Will Be Serviced Free of Charge.

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Getting a New Pair of Air Pods After They’ve Been Broken

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Apple Offers a Replacement Service for An Out-Of-Warranty Fee if You Have Broken Either or Both Pieces. There Is an Incident-Based Service Fee for Apple Products Covered by Apple Care+.

How Much It Costs to Fix a Broken Product Is Going to Be Determined by The Nature of The Damage. Contact an Apple Support Agent to Get a Price Quote. the Following Is a Ballpark Figure for A New Set of Air Pods:

Airpod Models AppleCare+ fee per incident Out-of-warranty fee per  Charging Case or AirPod
AirPods Max $29 Depends on the level of needed repair
AirPods Pro $29 $89
AirPods $29 $69

To Sum Up

In Conclusion, if Your Airpods Are Broken or Defective in Any Way, You Can Have Them Replaced Quickly. One Caveat, However, Is That This Service Is Provided by Gratis.

If Your Product Is Covered by The Terms of The Warranty We Outlined Above, You Are Eligible for The No-Cost Service. to Stay on The Up-And-Up, Signing up For Apple Care+ and Similar service plans is recommended.

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