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Receipt Scanner: Here Are the Top 10+ Receipt Scanning Apps of 2022


Companies often pay workers for a wide range of expenses, such as memberships to professional networks and the cost of taking time off work for vacation. Every time an employee incurs a cost, they must upload a receipt to the dashboard and transmit it to the appropriate management for approval.

Receipt scanners are software designed to make the scanning of paper receipts and management of associated transactions a breeze.

This Article Will Therefore Focus on Highlighting the Top Receipt Scanning Software.

Receipt scanners are specialized apps that let people digitize their receipts for submission to tax or other authorities. These receipt scanner programs have a built-in character-reading function that generates a digital copy of the paper receipts.

Users can upload digital copies of their receipts to a central repository, where the management can review and approve them before the money is disbursed.

Applications of Barcode Receipt Scanning Software

Some of the many reasons why people find receipt scanners helpful are highlighted below.

  • All scanned reports are safely stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere thanks to the receipt scanners’ cloud storage functionality.
  • Receipt scanners have simplified the process of managing and reimbursing receipts by making it simpler to link employee data and banking information.
  • When employees use the app to scan their receipts, it makes a digital copy, generates a report, and sends it to the manager.
  • Some receipt systems also offer tax deduction advice, allowing users to more easily maximize revenues and minimize costs.
  • Quick Approvals: When software generates real-time data, the supervisor can quickly verify the expenses and provide the go-ahead for immediate payment.

1) Expensify


Being a cloud-based platform, Expensify makes it simple for consumers to have access to their scanned receipts whenever they need them. In addition, there are built-in scanner and receipt-entering features. For businesses, the low cost of this program is justified by the time and effort saved in billing management.

2) Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting

Because of Wave’s many free tools and capabilities, small businesses can more easily consolidate their spending and keep accurate books. Users can easily set up receipt management by linking their Wave accounts to other Wave applications and can do so in a matter of minutes.

3) Generation Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts

Since smart receipts are based on an open-source project, they are the least expensive option. Since it is an open-source program, users have access to the program’s source code and can make modifications as they see fit.

The app also lets you categorize receipts based on a number of criteria. The reports can be exported to a variety of file types, such as PDF, Excel, CSV, and others.

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4) ShoeboxedShoebox

Shoeboxed is a great option for a frugal business strategy because it simplifies the process of managing paper receipts and digitizing them. Since it is an outsourced receipt management firm, it places a premium on satisfying its customers and offering advice on tax deductions based on more than 20 different types of income.

5) Tidy Receipts


Neat is a helpful app because it has many features that streamline the process of sending and keeping track of reimbursements for a team. In addition to streamlining the process of gathering and organizing receipts, this program gives customers unlimited document storage.

Line itemization is another useful function of this application, allowing users to swiftly and easily detail each purchase made using the tool’s corresponding receipts.

6) Scannable Evernote


Evernote is best known as a tool that streamlines the process of taking notes and even creating papers. As an added bonus, it offers a number of useful features that make it easy for customers to scan and organize their receipts.

7) Abukai Costs


With ABUKAI, it’s much simpler to scan reports and upload them to the appropriate portals so that you may get paid. This program eliminates the need for users to revisit the submission page by sending the reports via email. In general, this app’s user interface is straightforward, and it makes managing receipts a breeze.

8) Internet-Based Quick Books


Quickbooks is a program that facilitates daily business operations by providing its users with a number of helpful tools. Features like accounting and monitoring profits are made possible. In other words, this software serves as a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs operating on a smaller scale.

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9) Zoho Budget


When it comes to processing trip expenses, this program is really helpful because it streamlines the process of working and sharing receipts. Zoho also allows users to scan and send as many digital receipts as they like.

In addition, the app serves two unique purposes for workers and managers alike: it gathers workers’ receipts and turns them into reports that can be viewed and approved by management.

10) High-Fi


Veryfi is a helpful and quick app that includes a free time tracking tool and makes it simpler for users to keep track of spending receipts. Veryfi’s strong data protection algorithms also make it suitable for handling clients who have sensitive information.

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