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10+ Useful Tricks for Carving Pumpkins You Need to Know

pumpkin carving hacks

On Halloween night, many of us would love to impress our neighbors with an intricately carved pumpkin, but the reality of carving a simple smile quickly sets in. (We won’t talk about pumpkin carving templates for a second.) To make sure your pumpkin carving doesn’t end up looking like a Pinterest fail, we’ve compiled a list of 13 clever tricks that will help you carve a pumpkin faster, preserve it for longer, and keep all of your fingers.

Pumpkin carving can be made easier and more enjoyable with the help of a few tricks and tips, such as using an ice cream scoop to scrape out the pumpkin guts, and some playful ideas, such as sprinkling cinnamon on the lid of your pumpkin to make it smell like pumpkin spice (yes, seriously). In addition, we can provide assistance if you are unfamiliar with the process of pumpkin carving.

1. Use a dry-erase marker

Instead of sketching with a permanent marker, which would make it hard to make changes if you made a mistake or changed your mind, try using a dry-erase marker. The marker can be removed with a damp paper towel if you decide you want to redo your pattern.

2. Carve a Hole in The Bottom of Your Pumpkin (not the Top) to Accommodate a Fake Candle.



If you cut a hole in the back of your pumpkin, you can decorate the front as usual. If you want to light a real candle inside your pumpkin, though, you’ll need to poke a hole in the lid.

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3. Make a Notch at The Very Peak of Your Pumpkin.

If you want to know which way the pumpkin lid goes on after you cut it off, make a V-shaped notch. The slant of the cut and the addition of the notch will also keep the lid from toppling over and smashing the pumpkin.

4. Scoop up Some Ice Cream

Use an ice cream scoop to remove the pumpkin’s guts instead of a regular spoon. Scooping is its primary function, but the sharp edges of this tool also make it ideal for scraping the sides of your pumpkin to thin them before carving.

5. Use Cookie Cutters to Make Patterned Cookies

Put Away the Paring Knife and Break out The Cookie Cutters if You Want to Carve Simple Shapes Like Stars, Circles, or Numbers. the Pumpkin Should Be Placed on Its Side on A Flat Surface, and The Cookie Cutter Should Be Positioned so That the Cutting Edge Is Facing the Pumpkin. Tap the Cutter with A Rubber Mallet until It Penetrates the Pumpkin All the Way, Making Sure to Keep Your Fingers out Of the Way as You Do So.

6.Employ a Drill

Using a Drill Is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Make Holes in A Pumpkin of Almost Any Size. a Drill Bit in Place, Pumpkin Securely Supported on A Flat Surface, Proceed with Caution: Drilling Into the Pumpkin. to Prevent Slipping Due to Stray Pumpkin Guts, Thoroughly Clean and Dry Your Pumpkin Before Beginning Any Drilling.

7. Add Some Cinnamon for Flavour.

Sprinkle a Tiny Amount of Cinnamon on The Lid of The Pumpkin that You Just Cut Off and Wipe It Off with A Paper Towel. Before Lighting a Candle and Replacing the Lid on The Pumpkin, Make Sure There Is No Stray Cinnamon Inside (it Can Catch Fire). a Few Minutes Later, the Air Will Be Filled with The Aroma of Pumpkin Spice.

8. Don’t Get Stale


Oil the Cut Surfaces of Your Pumpkin with Petroleum Jelly After You’re Done Carving It. Since We Are All Too Familiar with The Shelf Life of Carved Pumpkins and What Happens to Them After They’ve Passed Their Prime, This Will Serve to Seal in Moisture and Protect the Pumpkin’s Exterior.

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9. Dimmable, Twinkling Lights

Fill a Glass Jar with Battery-Operated Twinkle Lights for A More Natural Look and Feel than You’d Get from An Artificial Candle.

10. Take Note of Patterns and Use Them to Your Advantage.

You Can Print Out A Template to Use as A Guide if You Want to Recreate a Complex Design or Beautiful, Curvy Calligraphy. Place the Paper Template on The Pumpkin with Tape, and Then Make Holes Along the Design’s Outline with A Thumbtack.

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