Best PS5 Accessories 2022: Everything You Require to Finish Off Your PS5 Setup

To get the most out of your PlayStation 5 setup and games, you need the best accessories money can buy. The best PlayStation 5 accessories will enhance your gaming experience, streamline your PS5 setup, and make your setup look more professional.

It’s the perfect time of year to stock up on knickknacks, whether it’s to give to friends and family as holiday presents or to treat yourself. Your own self. No matter what kind of PS5 accessory you’re after—a PS5 DualSense charger, for example, or one of the best PS5 headsets—we’ve compiled a list of the best PS5 accessories on the market, including both official and third-party products.

Since the PlayStation 5 is still in its infancy, most of its accessories come from Sony, though there have been reports of a number of third-party DualSense chargers that provide a viable alternative to the elusive official Sony charger. Of course, it’s already tough enough to find a PS5, so if you’ve been lucky enough to snag one, or if you’re just hoping to be, these are the best PS5 accessories you can get your hands on.

Like we did with the PS5 price, we will keep this guide up-to-date with the latest information as it becomes available, including the best PS5 accessories and deals.

1. The Dual Sense Controller for The Ps5

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The DualSense(opens in a new tab) is the only official PlayStation 5 add-on, and it’s also the one most of us will buy again and again. It was announced in April, before the console itself, and was accompanied by a feature article describing its capabilities on the PlayStation Blog(opens in a new tab).

Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are two examples of how DualSense can improve the immersion of games. Feel the roughness of the road under your tires, the tension of the bowstrings as you pull back an arrow.

2. In-Ear Wireless 3 D Headphones With A Pulse

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Mark Cerny Highlighted 3D Audio in His March Road to Ps5(opens in New Tab) Presentation, and The Ps5 Pulse 3 D Headset Is the Best Way to Try out The New Technology. the Focus on Facilitating 3-D Audio Should Make Games Incredibly Immersive, and The Dual Noise-Cancelling Microphones Should Make It Easy to Communicate with Your Team in Multiplayer Settings.

Since We Considered the Official Platinum Headset to Be Among the Best Ps4 Headsets(opens in New Tab), It’s Safe to Assume that The Pulse 3 D Headset, Once Tested, Will Also Be a Top Pick.

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3. A Charging Station with Dual Sense Technology

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The Dual Sense Charging Station Is a Stylish and Practical Addition to The Ps5 Accessory Family, Sharing the Same Futuristic Two-Tone Design as The Ps5. It’s Shaped Like a Miniature Ps5 and Can Charge Two Controllers at Once without Having to Attach Them Directly To The Device. Nice!

Is There a Price Tag Attached to This? the Dual Sense Charging Station’s MSRP of $29.99 in The Us Is in Line with Our Expectations, Making It One of The More Affordably Priced Ps5 Add-Ons.

4. Media Control

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The Media Remote for The Ps5 Is Extremely Attractive. the Rounded Two-Tone Design Is Both Modern and Sophisticated, and The Minimal Button Layout Gives the Impression of Being User-Friendly.

It’s likely that Many People Will Use Their Ps5 as Their Primary Device for Watching Movies and Tv Shows, so Having a Media Remote that Doesn’t Drain Your Ps5 Controller’s Battery Is a Great Idea. in Addition, Official Remotes Are Typically Priced Around the $30 (£23) Mark, Making Them One of The More Reasonably Priced Console Add-Ons.

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5. A High-Definition Camera

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The Official Ps5 Hd Camera Is Expected to Sell Well in 2020 when Online Video Streaming Is Expected to Reach Its Peak. the Fluid, Two-Piece Design Is a Step up From the Standard Ps4 Camera and Allows You to Easily Insert Yourself Into Gameplay and Streams (opens in New Tab).

Sony’s Official Hd Camera Costs a Pretty Penny ($59.99 in The Us and £49.99 in The Uk) but If You’re Serious About Video Quality and Can’t Get Enough of The Ps5 Design, It’s a Good Investment.

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