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Plant App: These 5 Apps Will Save Your Plants from Certain Death


No matter how much experience you have in the garden, you may find yourself helpless in the face of a dying plant at some point. You stand there helplessly, racking your brain for an answer: Should I prune it? So, I’m drowning you, right? Too much sun making you completely dehydrated?

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, have faith; assistance is on the way! Discovering an app that can tell you exactly what your plants need to thrive is all that’s required. Why? Because gardening helps us feel more in tune with the world around us and reconnect with nature, we can always rely on technology to smooth things over when we hit a snag.

Consider it telemedicine for your microbe family. You can learn a lot more about your sputtering plants without lifting a finger. And whether you’re just curious about what a plant requires or you need an immediate diagnosis, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the top 5 plant identification and care app recommendations.

1. Vera: Easy Plant Maintenance

plant app

Shop’s Vera from the Flower Market My top priority is Bloomscape because truth is told, that’s where I spend the majority of my time. The lavender plant I tried it on was in bad shape when I started, but she has since blossomed (although desperately in need of pruning).

This is because Vera provides comprehensive guidelines for how often and how much to water your plant, and you can always consult Vera’s Plant Mom Joyce Mast, and her Grow-How Team if you have any questions or concerns.

2. Blossom – Plant Identifier

plant app

Blossom’s interface is quite endearing; at first glance, it appears simple, but as you explore further, you’ll see that it’s actually quite robust. By simply snapping a picture of your plant, you will instantly be provided with detailed information about the level of care, water, and light it needs.

Digging a little deeper reveals additional information on topics as varied as ideal fertilization methods and preferred humidity levels. The latter has been extremely enlightening; now I know why my herbs had such a hard time surviving the winter.

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3. PictureThis – Plant Identifier

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If You Have a Serious Problem with Your Plants, or If You Just Happen to Be a Serious Fan of Nature, This App Is for You. the Ability to Accurately Diagnose Problems Is Hands-Down Its Greatest Strength. You Can Send in As Many as Three Images of Your Plant’s Worst Problems, and The App Will Give You an Honest Assessment of The Situation.

Not Sure What the Problem Is at This Point. There’s No Need to Panic; Just Head on Over to The “ask an Expert” Page for Some Quick Medical Advice From The Pros. Picture This Does Have a Small Fee, but That’s the Only Catch. the Annual Cost Is $30 (less than The Cost of A Cup of Coffee Every Month), but You Can Try It Out For Free for Seven Days to See if It’s Worth It.

4. NatureID

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Even Though Many of These Apps Feature Maintenance-Related Gardening Content, My Favourite Part of Nature Id Is Without A Doubt Its Exploration Menu. It Includes Easy-To-Understand Advice (and Even Video Demonstrations) that Can Help Novices Get Started.

Even Though You Won’t Get as Much Personalised Guidance, You’ll Still Learn a Lot About the Background of Each Flower and Other Plant. for Someone Like Me, Who Is Plant Curious, Gardening Curious, but Mostly Trying to Keep a Recently Gifted Potted Plant Alive, This Is a Cool Option.

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5. Plant Snap

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Even if You’re Just Interested In learning how to grow something generally, this app is useful. PlantSnap guides you through the process of cultivating a plant by emphasizing no less than five distinct factors. There are five main concerns when caring for plants: planting, watering, feeding, frost hardiness (an unusual concern), and indoor plant maintenance.

I can see how this would be helpful for locating plants for a garden or an indoor jungle. PlantSnap can identify anything you see in nature and provide information on where to purchase it. Simple as pie!

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