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What is Paylocity? Paylocity’s Benefits, Access and Many More Updates!


Paylocity provides HR executives with a platform to make strategic decisions while also nurturing a modern workplace and increasing employee engagement. It allows professionals to handle payroll, benefits, talent, and the workforce on a daily basis. This unified product suite is backed by HR experience and innovation.

Quick-edit templates, custom checklists, action forms, position management, and dynamic reporting are among Paylocity’s primary HR capabilities.

Paylocity’s payroll service helps businesses manage tax filings and wage garnishments. The platform’s mobile application allows users to access it at any time and from any location. Employees can access personal and company information via Paylocity’s employee self-service site.

Paylocity is an all-in-one HR and payroll solution that anticipates future needs. The solution collaborates with users to identify business-oriented solutions.

Paylocity’s Benefits

Remote workers and field technicians can use their smartphones to access Paylocity.

The platform has a relatively simple learning curve. The software is easy to use for both new and seasoned users.

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Paylocity’s disadvantages

Paylocity is now only available in the United States.

Feature breakdown

Personnel management

HR organizations may use Paylocity’s talent management tool to get top applicants in the door and on the road to success. It offers simple onboarding, fair pay, staff development, and performance management to boost job satisfaction and retention.


The software streamlines operations simplifying payroll and assure tax compliance. HR teams can use bespoke reports and expenditure reimbursements to gather the information they need. Employees can get a portion of their salary when they need it.

Management of employees

Paylocity offers workforce management systems that provide analytical insights on time and attendance, allowing businesses to run more efficiently. It enables staff to manage daily tasks such as time and attendance. It automates the time tracking and scheduling while lowering compliance risks and enhancing overall productivity.

Human Capital

Businesses can save time by leveraging the software’s modern, mobile-enabled solutions to optimize HR processes. Leave monitoring, OSHA safety tracking, and reporting can all be automated by HR departments. Users may keep track of employee numbers and status, analyze data to help drive business decisions, and gather employee papers all in one spot. Paylocity streamlines HR complexities and modernizes corporate processes.

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Paylocity Collaboration

Paylocity simplifies benefits and payroll for your groups. Payroll and benefits are synchronized with Ease to Paylocity via automated, daily, changes-only demographic files.

When you add new hires to Paylocity, the integration will instantly update Ease.

Paylocity will receive the deductions and will update the employee’s payroll record with the appropriate benefit deduction.

The new year’s open enrollment deductions are automatically put into Paylocity.

Change-only demographic files are synced daily from Paylocity to Ease, and daily deduction files are synced daily from Ease to Paylocity.

Get Access.

To convert your mobile device into a payroll and HR information source

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How to Install Paylocity on Android

How to Download Paylocity’s Mobile App on Apple

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Get Personalized

Customize your mobile experience and get immediate access to your favorite apps.

Your most typical payroll tasks, as well as company communications when you need it the most, you’ll get reminders and more.

Edit your Company profile right from the app.

The Directory connects you with coworkers who have similar interests.

Paylocity Mobile organizes information in a similar way to the Self Service Portal.

Company Links in an easily accessible spot to assist you in staying current

Keep up with key corporate news


Paylocity Holding Corp. develops and sells cloud-based software.
It provides cloud-based payroll, human capital management, time and labor monitoring, benefits administration, and talent management solutions.
The company was launched on November 6, 2013, in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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