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Not Receiving Text Messages: Causes, Symptoms, and Troubleshooting!


Effective communication requires participation on both ends. An email response can make or ruin a business or personal connection.

Until someone asks you why you aren’t replying to their texts, you might not realise that you aren’t getting any.

Frustrating as it may be, you may not realize that you aren’t receiving or replying to text messages until another person makes touch with you to find out why you haven’t responded or where you are.

The good news is that you may take care of the issue without delay, as timely assistance and support are available to assist you in resolving the situation and making reparations as soon as possible.

If Your Phone Stops Getting Text Messages, the Most Typical Signs Are:

  • Instantly, you will cease getting texts from every user.
  • No texting is allowed at this time.
  • Whenever you try to send a text to someone, you’ll get a notification saying “message sent failed.”
  • The messaging app is having technical difficulties.
  • Problems with the device’s functionality

Repair Communication Breakdowns

not receiving text messages

  • Verify that you’re running the latest recent version of Messages.
  • Check that your SIM card is securely inserted if your phone supports one.
  • Get the Project Fi app if you’re on Fi.
  • Make sure that Messages is the program that opens when you get a new text message. Figure out how to make a different messaging app your default.
  • If you want to send and receive SMS, MMS, or RCS messages, you need to check your carrier’s support.
  • Verify that you have sufficient minutes or a sufficient credit balance to send and receive messages.
  • Test your signal strength.
  • See if you’re already in airborne mode. If so, please stop.
  • Make sure you have turned off iMessage on your old iPhone number before making the move.
  • Disabling chat functions may be necessary if you switch messaging apps on your phone and still don’t receive messages.

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Resolve Issues with Sending and Receiving Messages to And from Certain People

not receiving text messages

  • Just remove them from your contacts and add them again.
  • Verify your blocking settings.
  • Make sure you’re calling the right number by checking their contact info.
  • Determine if a country code is required.

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This Issue of Not Getting Text Messages May Develop for The Following Reasons:

  • A Problem With The Network
  • Having a weak memory
  • Config error on the gadget
  • Modifications to the equipment
  • A problem with the instant messaging program
  • The problem lies in the software.
  • Issues with the registered network’s carrier

Alternate Troubleshooting Methods

not receiving text messages

1. Too Much Data Has Been Stored on My Gadget:

If you receive a warning that Messages can’t send or receive messages until more capacity is available, you can clear some space.

2. My Contacts Are Sending Me Garbled Text Messages:

Troubleshoot your voicemail notifications if you switched from a phone with visual voicemail to one without and are now receiving indecipherable texts from your mobile provider.

3. I Recently Made the Switch from An iPhone to An Android Phone.

Be sure to disable iMessage while making the transfer from an iPhone to an Android phone.

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