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Formed in 2001 after my then-business partner and I came up with the idea to create a premium online entertainment brand to compete with the likes of MTV, Disney, and Warner Bros. We anticipated that, as people’s schedules got busier and more people gained access to high-speed Internet, they would demand ever more convenient, always-on, bite-sized forms of entertainment.

We started out making political figure–inspired games and animations, like those based on George W. Bush and Tony Blair. Popular Miniclip games like Bush Shoot-Out, Dancing Bush, and Bush Aerobics attracted hundreds of millions of players and spread the word about the Miniclip brand around the world. More games were added to increase the site’s overall appeal as we began to draw in a larger and more varied audience.

An early tactic was to supply webmasters with a collection of high-quality games for inclusion on their own sites. Our games have been syndicated to more websites than any other company, so clearly, this tactic worked.

What New Features Have You Implemented, and Why?

Miniclip began as an online gaming platform, and now that our audience has expanded worldwide and more than 98% of our users have access to broadband, we have added a new cartoon channel and other forms of entertainment.

Our current players seem to enjoy our new channels. We are very encouraged by the early visitor numbers they have generated. In addition to the Spanish, French, and German versions that were available upon the site’s relaunch in 2006, we have since released versions of the site in Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese.

Which Demographic Makes up The Bulk of Your Site’s Visitors?

Our primary audience consists of young adults aged 13–18, but due to the variety of games we offer, we have customers of all ages. Players of our puzzle and educational games tend to be a bit older than those of our action and adventure titles.

Our demographic is social and uses multiple forms of communication including instant messaging, short message service, electronic mail, and weblogs. This has allowed us to expand our user base naturally and without spending money on advertisements.

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What Prompted the Creative Process?

In July of 2006, we re-introduced our updated website. From the ground up, this was designed to be user-friendly and quick to learn. Many of the changes and improvements are the result of feedback and requests from site visitors.

The new site’s main features are Game Search, a favorites list, a history of recently played games, expanded support and frequently asked questions, a knowledge base, RSS feeds, and a menu to display a full list of games or sections on any given page.

Since we found that many of our users wanted to suggest games to their pals, we implemented three different ways for them to do so: via email, via instant message, and via a copy/paste feature for blogs and websites.

The need to provide better conditions for advertisers was another consideration during the redesign. Rich media overlays, pre-roll video, homepage takeovers, and our one-of-a-kind ‘Advergame’ buzz campaigns are just some of the new and exciting ad formats we’ve developed.

Where Did You Get the Materials and How Did You Use Them?

We Built Our Own Content Management System for The New Site. to Better Organise the Site’s Content, Add More Games, and Enhance Its Performance, We Rely on Php. Flash and Shockwave Are Used for Almost All of Our Animation and Gaming Needs.

Explain the Procedure You Followed as You Created This.

We Wanted to Make It Easier for People to Find What They Were Looking For so That They Had a Better Overall Experience with The Redesign.

when Conceptualising the New Website, the First Step Was to Decide What Information Would Be Included. as Soon as We Had This, We Polled Our Users to See What Kinds of Improvements They Wanted to See Made. We Polled Advertisers at This Point to Learn Which Ad Formats They Valued the Most.

There Was a Lot of Brainstorming and Sketching of Visual Ideas. and Fresh Additions and Navigational Paths Were Sketched, All of Which Were Eventually Merged Into One Plan. Furthermore, We Conducted Usability Tests to Refine and Perfect the Design Before Settling on A Final Format. Our Content Management System (cms) Was Then Updated with All the Games After We Finished Building and Coding the Templates.

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Competitors Abound in The Online Hosted Content Market. Will Miniclip Be Able to Make It?

The Tremendous Growth We’ve Experienced Over the Past Five Years Should Be Sustained by Some Exciting New Projects We’re Planning. Miniclip Is Distinct from Other Online Content Providers Because Our Content Is Interactive and Exciting, as Opposed to More Traditional Forms of Passive Content Like Video or News.

In Addition, Half of All Americans Still Use Dial-Up Internet, so They Can’t Visit Our Site. the Widespread Adoption of High-Speed Internet Connections in Countries Like the United States and Others Bodes Well for The Growth of Our User Base.

Which Game Do You Enjoy Playing the Most Here?

In Rs Parlance, That’s Commando. It’s a Shoot ’em up In the Classic Style, with A Focus on World War Ii. the Pirat Is Another One of My Favourites.

Video Game Based on The Film Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Released Alongside the Dvd.

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