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What Are the Best Parts of Mac OS Monterey, and What Are the Drawbacks?


Released on October 25, 2021, macOS Monterey is the newest operating system from Apple. Release information was shared at Apple’s “Unleashed” Mac presentation on October 18.

Due to the complexity of the operating system, the beta testing phase took about four months, which is significantly longer than iOS’s three-month phase.

At Apple’s June Worldwide Developers Conference, the company showed off its brand new operating system, which includes features like Universal Control, AirPlay, and a slew of changes coming with iOS 15. One such update is the addition of spatial audio on FaceTime. This article covers everything new in macOS Mojave.

If You Want to Know if Mac OS Monterey Is Compatible with Your Mac, Click Here

macos monterey

Many Macs that were able to run macOS Big Sur will also be compatible with macOS Monterey. Unfortunately, macOS Monterey isn’t coming to all Macs from 2013 and 2014. A complete list of Macs that can now be updated to macOS Monterey follows:

  • Macs were released after 2015
  • Newer iMac Pro models (2017 and after)
  • Beginning in Early 2015 and Later MacBook Air
  • For MacBook Pros Released After the First Half of 2015
  • Mac Pro, Beginning in Late 2013
  • A Mac mini released in late 2014 or later
  • MacBooks Released After Early 2016

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Updates to Mac OS X version 12 (Monterey)

macos monterey

Dynamic Text

Mac OS Monterey’s new Live Text feature makes it possible to read and modify text within images. Photos make it easy to record information like street addresses and phone numbers.

Taking pictures of receipts is one of the most common uses of this app on my phone. To monitor a package you’ve sent, all you need to do is take a picture of the receipt, open the photo in Safari, and enter the tracking number.

Management on a Global Scale

This is an extremely helpful function for those who have more than one Mac or who use a Mac in conjunction with an iPad. A single set of keyboard, mouse, and trackpad controls can now be used to operate a number of Macs or iPads.

Those of us who use our iPads as auxiliary devices to our Mac or MacBook Pro desktops will find this to be extremely helpful. In addition, you may now easily transfer files between your Mac and iPad using a simple drag-and-drop motion.

Enhancements to FaceTime and SharePlay

Several handy improvements have been added to FaceTime in macOS Monterey. SharePlay is probably the most interesting new addition. With SharePlay, you and your friends may view videos together in synchronized playback and loudness on FaceTime.

The volume can be adjusted so that you can have a conversation while watching TV. If listening to music is more your speed, Apple Music allows you to create a playlist and share it with others who can add songs to the queue as you listen.

Mac AirPlay

Since AirPlay has been around for some time, its functionality is generally understood. Any AirPlay-enabled speaker in close proximity can receive audio from your Mac or iOS smartphone.

This is a great function if you want to stream music from your iPhone to a nearby Mac. Any AirPlay 2 multi-room audio system will support your Mac as a speaker.

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Where do we stand with Monterey’s known issues?

macos monterey

It’s common practice for users to report problems after installing a new macOS version, which normally happens when Apple releases a new version of the operating system.

1. For Some Reason, I Neither Downloaded nor Installed Monterey Works.

Check out macOS Monterey won’t install Fixes if you’re having trouble downloading or installing Monterey.

2. Limitations in Battery Life

Users have complained that their MacBook batteries are draining faster after upgrading to macOS 12.2. This seems connected to the Bluetooth bug in macOS 12.2.

It has been reported that after a few hours of sleep mode, the battery life of afflicted MacBook laptops drastically decreases.

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3. Problematic Display

After updating to macOS 12.3, some customers, including at least one Macworld editor, discovered that their external displays no longer functioned.

Fixing an issue where a “USB-C or Thunderbolt external display does not turn on when attached to Mac mini (2018) as a second display,” macOS 12.3.1 was released by Apple.

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