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Top Ten Secret Mac Tricks that Should Know About


Many people adore Macs because they can do things that aren’t possible on Windows. Many Mac users are not aware of all of the features and shortcuts are hidden behind the sleek shell.

Saving time and sanity by using computer shortcuts and hacks can be a lot of fun in some instances. The internet is full of shortcuts. However, the following 12 features are great whether you’re using an iMac, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air for schoolwork or for the office. With five simple Mac life tips, you can become a productivity dynamo.

Every Apple product is designed with the goal of making the user’s life as simple as possible. Macs aren’t any different. There are certain to be fantastic shortcuts and tricks that go unnoticed with a computer capable of that much.

Using Twitter, I solicited the opinions of the 9to5Mac community about their favorite little-known Mac hacks and then compiled what I considered to be the most fascinating comments. Here are some little-known Mac hacks that will impress even the most jaded of users:

Change the Icons of Your Folders.

It’s time to shake things up from the standard blue folder icons Apple has been employing for years. You may simply drag and drop your icon into the folder details window if it is stored in an.ICN file. PNG and JPG files must be opened in Preview first before being copied and pasted into the folder information box. Watch the video to learn more.

A Simple Way to Conceal the Current App in Use

CMD + H is one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts. For those times when you don’t want to entirely close an app, this is an excellent alternative. Simply click on the app’s dock icon to reopen the window.

In Finder, Locate and Display Hidden Files.

Mac Life Hacks

You may quickly and easily access hidden or invisible files in Finder by pressing CMD + SHIFT + PERIOD on your keyboard. A grayed-out icon will appear next to any files that have been marked as hidden. Use the same command a second time to reveal files that were previously hidden.

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Images of The Touch Bar

CMD + SHIFT + 6 is a shortcut for taking a screenshot of the Touch Bar on your Macbook. Taking screenshots is as simple as adding a button to the Touch Bar itself. To this day, I can’t figure out why Apple added the option to snap screenshots of this thin, elongated display. I’m also running out of time, as the Touch Bar is being phased out of the Mac lineup.

A Keyboard Shortcut for The Emoji Characters

This speedy Emoji keyboard shortcut will come in handy when macOS gets a fresh set of Emoji later this year, making it easier to find the perfect one wherever you are typing. To activate the Emoji keyboard, type CTL + CMD + SPACEBAR into any text box. Emoji characters display in a little window overlay. Enjoy!

Favoriting Folders in The Finder

A List of Favorites Appears on The Left Sidebar of Finder. Drag and Drop the Required Folder to The Sidebar to Add It to This List. This Won’t Actually Relocate the Folder; It’s Only A Convenient Shortcut. Right-Clicking on A Folder and Selecting “remove from Sidebar” Will Remove It from The List.

Without a Drag Lock, Dragging.

Mac Life Hacks

You Can Drag a Window or Other Item by Double-Tapping and Keeping Your Finger on The Touchpad until You Short-Tap Again. It’s Possible to Drag from A Different Spot on The Trackpad While “with Drag Lock” Is Enabled.

Drag and Drop Functionality May Be Found in The Trackpad Options Section of System Preferences Under Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad.

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Relocate the Spotlight Bar.

You May Now Drag and Move the Spotlight Search Bar Around Freely in Os X El Capitan 10.11. Simply Hold Down the Spotlight Search Icon in The Menu Bar (upper Right) for A Few Seconds to Return It to Its Original Location. if You Lose Your Spotlight, There’s an Easy Solution.

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