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How to Fix location not available on windows? check steps on it

location not available

The “location is not available” error message may appear when trying to access a hard disc or an external hard drive in Windows 10/8/7. This signifies that your hard drive is unreachable. A file or folder cannot be read or modified in it. But don’t be alarmed; you’ll be fine. In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to fix the Windows 10 location is unavailable, access is denied issue.

The First Step:

Recover Data from a Hard Drive That Is Inaccessible
In situations where the location is unavailable and the hard disc fails, data recovery software should be used to retrieve data from the hard drive.

Recovering data from a RAW hard disc, external USB drive, SD card, and other storage devices caused by the location is not available error can be done with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. You’ll be able to do the following using this software:

Recover files that have been lost forever in a variety of data loss scenarios.

All of your data can be retrieved safely from any storage device. Data recovery on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP can be hampered by corrupt files, which can be repaired.
Empty data can be recovered. A corrupted or formatted hard drive, missing partitions, and other issues can occur.

For everyone who experiences unexpected data loss and has to retrieve it quickly, this is a must-have. To keep your data safe, you can export it from the inaccessible drive and store it elsewhere.

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To recover inaccessible data, free download EaseUS data recovery software and follow the instructions below.

Default Desktop Settings Can Be Restored Using Method 1
In the event that you’re unable to access a file or folder, you can quickly solve it by resetting your desktop’s default settings:

Tip 1: Select the drive where Windows is installed on your machine by going to “This PC.” C drive is the most common location.
In the second step, right-click on the blank spot and select “properties.”
In the “Location” tab, select the “restore default” option.

Finally, restart your computer after you’ve closed all of the links on it.

Check to see if the error has been repaired after this step? If this is the case, move on to the next approach.

If you don’t have a system profile, you can manually copy the Desktop folder to it.
You can try copying the desktop folder to the system profile if you get the error message “location is not available” in Windows 10.

As a first step, go to the “This PC” menu and double-click the “C” drive.
Step 2: To go to the “default” folder, double-click on the “users” folder. Enabling the “see hidden files” option on the “view” tab will allow you to see the “default” folder. When using the file explorer, look for it in the menu bar and select Open With…
Go to your computer’s desktop and right-click on the “desktop” folder. Follow the steps below to copy the current profile to a new location.

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Navigate to the following locations: C:Windows>System32>Configuration>SystemProfile

Step 4: Paste the desktop folder you copied in Step 3 into your system profile. Check to see whether the error has been fixed once you restart your computer.

The “Location is Not Available” problem has been around for a while, and it appears as soon as you turn on your computer. Users who just upgraded to a newer version of Windows may be affected by this issue, but it’s not always the case. The desktop is obviously the source of the problem, as seen by the non-responsiveness of the vast majority of desktop features.

As a result, you won’t be able to use the Start button, Windows search, or the taskbar, for example. Furthermore, they are also unable to change, import, or copy the files that are stored in the PC’s memory. Obviously, this is a major issue, and many people are trying to find a solution as soon as possible. Please note that there are a number of different kinds of Location is not accessible errors.

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