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Instagram Story Background Color Swapping Explained in Easy Steps

instagram story background

The ability to select a different color as the backdrop for your Instagram Stories is a highly requested feature.

You can’t change the backdrop of your Instagram Stories without going through a few extra steps at the moment. The app will create a color swatch based on the dominant hue in your photo if you take a photo and then reduce its size.

When you try to crop an Instagram photo of the sky and upload it to the ephemeral Stories section, you’ll get a blue background instead. Unfortunately, this is a hard-coded preference that can’t be changed.

In the past, social media experts would use the marker tool to create a solid block of color and then paste that over the Story photo for a quick fix, but this was far from a streamlined solution. They would then pull out an eraser and painstakingly remove the new layer, revealing the original image beneath.

Because of this, it was more like a Photoshop mask than a background. In addition, it often looked messy because the Instagram eraser tool makes it hard to get straight lines.

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Instagram Story Background Colors: How To Change Them

There’s a More Efficient Way to Get a Story that Looks Great While Still Giving You the Option to Customise the Background Colour.

Here Are the Measures to Take to Accomplish This on A Mobile Device:

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Newsweek Has Created a Slideshow with Images of Each Stage to Make the Process Easier to Follow. the Implications of Taking a Screenshot of Another User’s Story and Instructions for creating Joint Posts within the app are also available.

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