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Instagram Password Forgot :Tips for Changing Your Instagram Password!


Oh. You did. Guess we’ll go ahead and show you how to reset your password then.

1. Go to the Instagram login page on desktop

2. Click “Forgot password?”

instagram password forgot

3. Enter either the email, phone number, or username you used to create your account

4. Instagram will send you a link you can click on to regain access to your account and change your password

You also don’t have to have forgotten your password in order to reset it. If you know your password and just want to change it to something different (maybe a little stronger than “Instagram1234”), here’s how to do that.

1. Tap the menu icon in your Instagram profile and then tap “settings”

instagram password forgot

2. Tap “Security” in your settings menu


instagram password forgot

3. Tap “Password” at the top


instagram password forgot

4. Enter your current password

5. Enter what you want your new password to be

6. Enter it again to confirm, and then tap “save”

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You May Be Wondering What to Do if You Have Lost Access to Your Instagram Recovery Email or Phone Number.

What if the standard methods for retrieving a lost Instagram password fail? This may happen if you have changed your email address or phone number since signing up. Adapt your phone! Use an old email address from a previous employer or institution to sign up. Lost access to your backups because of a hack? Instagram, alas, is not available to alleviate this problem.

The issue is that Instagram customer service is unreachable. There is no longer any response from the support email, and instead, users are redirected to the knowledge base. Instagram says there’s a link labeled “Need More Help?” along the “Forgot Password?” path, but it’s not easy to find. It might not be accessible, and making reference to it in the documentation is probably going to mislead people. In other words, if you happen to spot it, consider yourself lucky because you now have a way inside.

There is no way to get in touch with the assistance desk. You can’t get in touch with Instagram directly through the app if you can’t log in. You won’t have much luck gaining Instagram’s direct assistance in recovering your account, even if you can prove via photos that the account belongs to you or that it was hacked.

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