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How to Log in Instagram without A Phone Number?


For whatever reason, you might not want to provide Instagram with your phone number, or you might have forgotten or lost the number you used to sign up. This article will show you how to sign up for an account and login without providing a phone number, as well as what to do if you’ve forgotten your password and can’t use your phone to get a recovery code.

How to Register without A Phone Number

Enter your email address to join Instagram. When you first sign up for Instagram, you have the option of entering an email address rather than a phone number. Install the Instagram app on your mobile device to accomplish this.

Just click the Facebook Sign Up button. A Facebook account can be used to sign up for Instagram. This can be done by launching the Instagram app or going to and tapping or clicking the login with Facebook button. When you open Instagram, it will open Facebook and ask for permission to access your account.

Enter your username or email address and click the “Log In” button. You can access your Instagram account by launching the Instagram app or going to In the primary text field of the login screen, you may enter either your username or the email address you registered with. Simply enter your password in the second text box.
If you logged in using Facebook, please use the login with a Facebook link.

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Install a Second-Factor Authentication App and Set It Up.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a great way to increase the safety of your online accounts. With 2FA, your phone is texted a verification code whenever you log in from a new device, but Instagram gives you the option to use a different authentication app if you prefer. So that we can:

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2. Password Recovery Options when No Phone Number Is Associated

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