The Best Way to Design Unique Instagram Highlights Covers

Your Instagram profile’s Highlights are the shiny little circles that sit directly beneath your bio. They are a fantastic medium for archiving and organizing your writing. The Instagram presence of your brand can be easily polished by making personalized highlight covers.

Does an Instagram Story need a special cover to be preserved for longer than 24 hours? No. However, the default cover for any saved Story is whichever image or video is in that Story’s first position; this means that unless the first image or video in the Story was captured specifically for the purpose of being featured as a Highlight cover, there is a chance that your viewers will be confused by the cover.

You can compare the covers of your Highlights to the thumbnails of videos on YouTube; both give you a tantalizing glimpse into the full Story that you’ve chosen to save. They serve primarily as a means of organizing the Stories that appear on your profile. When used properly, they can significantly increase interest in your profile.

A Quick Guide to Creating Instagram Covers for Highlights

  • Looking to get somewhere quickly? Yes, we have you covered. Easily improve your Instagram highlight reel with this simple guide.
  • PicMonkey has got your back, so just open a new blank canvas at the size we recommend. Choose the Instagram Highlight Cover to share.
  • You can pick a solid color or one of our beautiful stock images for the background.
  • You can use text, images, or anything else you like to represent that feature.
  • You can personalize it by adding your own brand’s colors, gradients, and cool effects.
  • Get the download out there, show it off, and be amazed at your own work.
  • Tired of it yet? Neither do we. Let’s dive into some more first-rate ideas for the next Highlight cover.

Use Pic Monkey to Design Custom Covers for Your Instagram Highlights.

instagram highlight cover

Start with A Clean Slate in Pic Monkey.

To Access All of Pic Monkey’s Fill-In Options, Select Blanks > See All Blanks. Clicking that Link Will Take You to A Page Where You Can Select the Size of Your Blank Canvas. Choose the Instagram Highlight Cover to Share.

2. Select a Hue to Serve as The Page’s Backdrop.

To Change the Colour Scheme of The Page, Go to The Menu > Background Tools. Simply type in The Desired Brand’s Hex Code and Hit the “apply” Button. Other than That, You Can Always Rely on The Large Library of Pre-Made Colour Schemes and Gradient Previews.

Make Use of An Image Icon

You Can Find Thousands of Icons in The Graphics Panel on The Left Side of The Screen, or You Can Upload Your Own by Selecting Add Image from The Menu Bar. (Fun Fact: You Can Change Colours in Your Svg After Uploading to Pic Monkey.)

Modify the Colours and Effects to Your Liking.

To Alter the Appearance of Your Icon, Select Graphic Tools from The Menu. Images Can Be Flipped, Rotated, Resized, or Flipped, Shadows and Outlines Can Be Added, And…Are You Ready for This? Use the Fill with Image Button to Insert an Image Into Your Graphic.

Five, Please Download and Pass Along

To Download Your Finished Cover to Your Computer, Select Download from The Right-Hand Menu in The Main Toolbar. Hub, Pic Monkey’s Cloud Storage, Automatically Saves Your Design so You Can Make as Many Changes as You Like.

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Putting up An Instagram Cover for Your Highlights

Launch Instagram, Then Navigate to The Story You Wish to Cover.

Just Hit the “more” Button Down There on The Right.

To Modify the Cover Art, Select “edit Highlight > Edit Cover” from The Menu.

Put the Focus Right in The Middle of The Cover Image You Upload.

To Save Your Modifications, Select Done.

Beautiful Instagram Post Covers

Subtle Graphics of Food for The Gourmand
The Icons Used as Instagram Cover Photos Are Extremely Eye-Catching. It’s Reasonable to Assume that A Sizable Fraction of Instagram’s Billion Monthly Users and 500 Million Daily Users Are Dedicated Foodies.

Whether You’re a Professional Chef, an Amateur, or Just a Foodie, You Can Impress Your Friends With A Little Help from Pic Monkey and A Fancy Script Font. Start Salivating Over the Covers of Those Highlight Magazines.

Second, Use Colour Gradients to Lift Spirits.

instagram highlight cover

Instagram Highlight Cover Colour Gradients Are a Great Way to Add Depth and Visual Interest to Your Posts. the Right Colours Can Affect Your Mood as Well as The Mood of Your Followers, Which Is Why It’s Important to Choose Them Carefully when Designing a Product/service Page Like @katapaultyourneeds, Creating Electronic Dance Music, or Being a Hip Influencer.

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The Role of Lifestyle Icons in Promoting Lifestyle Products

Sporting a Label Dedicated to Health and Fitness? Among the Most Competitive Industries, the Health Care Sector Is Ripe with Opportunities for Advertising. So? You Can Personalise the Look of Your Instagram Highlight Covers by Choosing a Bright Background Colour and Adding Images Related to Your Chosen Lifestyle.

To Make Your Instagram Feed Stand out Like the Mvp that You Are, Check out Pic Monkey’s Lifestyle Graphics Set and Apply Your Favourites to Each Cover Icon.

Let’s Get Down to Business with Some Well-Known Figures in The Business World.

It’s likely that If You’re One of The World’s 582 Million Business Owners, You Also Use Instagram. Covers for Instagram Highlights Are an Excellent Marketing Tool. Why? You Can Use Them to (quite literally) Emphasise:

  • Information of Use
  • Testimonials
  • Statistics
  • Events
  • Announcements
  • Accomplishments

As a Condensed Version of A Website, Instagram Story Covers Are Ideally Suited to Today’s Social Media-Obsessed Society.

Promoting Your Company Through Instagram Highlights Requires that You Use Colours and Graphics that Are Consistent with Your Brand and Convey the Message You want to send. However, Instagram is inherently a lighthearted platform, so it’s also helpful to find lighthearted ways to convey that information.

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