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In Windows, How Do I Set up And Test a TONOR Microphone?


Nowadays, it is essential to use USB microphones. The COVID pandemic has impacted the lives of many people, causing them to alter their work habits. Switching to virtual meetings and video conferencing has been a success for our company. Because of this, a slew of microphone manufacturers has introduced USB-capable models.

There are a variety of USB microphones to choose from, depending on the type of work you do. So in order to clear things up, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to USB microphones and how to set them up on a PC. To get the full picture of USB microphones, read the entire post.

A computer microphone and a high-quality sound card always come to our aid when we need to record a voice note or a song. How about we tell you about the advent of a great new combination: a USB mic. If you’ve never heard of a USB microphone, you’re probably wondering what it is now.

To put it simply, a USB microphone is a high-quality microphone that can be easily connected to your computer’s USB port. What’s the best part about it, exactly? It’s compatible with iPads and tablets of all sizes.

In terms of compatibility, the USB mic is perfect for both PCs and Mac computers. A lot of people also use it as a microphone for their PS4 system. It also doesn’t require any additional hardware, so you can simply plug it in and it will work.

What Makes TONOR Microphones so Special?

How to set up and test TONOR microphones in Windows?

You no longer have to rely solely on headphone output if you want to record high-quality music or do voiceovers for videos, as USB microphones for singing can now do the same thing as larger USB studio mics.

The best part is that you can listen to the song while you sing along and monitor it right here. Using these devices is simple, and the recordings they produce are of high quality.

When it comes to singing, the best microphones are USB microphones. There were many conferences this year, but a clunky, low-quality microphone made them all the more frustrating.

Furthermore, if you believe that a high-quality microphone for singing will set you back a bundle, you’re probably overlooking something critical.d differently: Since audio interfaces, mixers, and XLR cables don’t cost a lot of money, it’s easy to see results right away. The TONOR USB microphone comes with everything you need to improve your audio production quality at a very attractive price, and we’ll tell you all about it.

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Pc Cardioid Condenser Microphone by TONOR

It’s as simple as that:

  • There’s nothing better than the fact that all TORNO USB microphones like the TC30 can be used on any operating system. If you have a USB 2.0 port, all you have to do is plug it in and start using it for gaming, podcasting, streaming, Skype chatting, etc.
  • Pickup Shape: Cardioid
  • The cardioid pickup pattern and excellent off-axis suppression come standard on this singing microphone. Natural sounds can be captured while background noise can be eliminated.
  • It’s simple to put in:
  • It has already been stated that this microphone has an easy-to-use interface. Once the pop filter is attached to the microphone tripod, it can be plugged in and used.
  • Incredibly high anti-vibration level
  • In addition to the USB microphone’s built-in shock mount, it also has a built-in mute button.

When You Purchase TONOR Microphones, You Get the Following Features:

How to set up and test TONOR microphones in Windows?


A Shock Mount, Foldable Mic Tripod, a Pop Filter, a USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 Cable, and An Instruction Manual Are Included in The Package.

No, Macs, PCs, Ps4s, Pads, and Xbox Ones Can’t Communicate with Each Other without An Adapter.

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On a PC, How Do You Set up TONOR Microphones?


  1. The Following Are the Steps that Are Necessary for Basic Operation:
  2. To Begin, You’ll Need to Attach the Scissor Arm to A Desk.
  3. The Shock Mount Is Now Threaded onto The End of The Arm.
  4. In the Immediate Aftermath of This, Swiftly Insert the Tonor Microphone Into the Shock Mount.
  5. The USB Cable from The Microphone Should Be Connected to An Open USB Port.
  6. The Microphone Will Be Automatically Selected and Displayed on Windows as Soon as You Do This.
  7. In Addition, Make Certain that Your Default Microphone in Windows and The Software You’re Using Is a Tonor Microphone.

Mac Os

  1. To Begin, Connect the Tonor Microphone to Your Computer via USB or Firewire.
  2. As Soon as You Connect It, Your Computer Will Begin to Recognize the USB Device and Begin the Process of Installing a Driver for It Automatically.
  3. For the Time Being, Click “System Preferences.”
  4. Selecting “sound” Will Bring up The Preferences for Sound Window.
  5. Select the “tonor Audio Device” as The Sound Input Device in The Input Tab.

What Is the Procedure for Testing TONOR Microphones on Windows?

  1. Here Are the Steps to Take if Your Computer Doesn’t Recognize Any USB Devices:
  2. Start by Plugging Your USB Microphone into Another USB Port to See if The Problem Persists.
  3. Restart the Computer After That.
  4. Then Re-Insert the Microphone Into a USB Port on Another Computer.
  5. There Is a Problem With The Microphone if No Sound Comes out Of It.
  6. The Operating System of Mac Os X

If “system Sound” Is Mute, You Can Turn on The Volume Control to Hear the Music.

Operating System for The Microsoft Windows Platform

To Do This, Go to The Settings Menu, Then Select Privacy, Then Microphone.

After That, Turn on The Microphone Access for Apps by Clicking on Allow Apps to Access the Microphone And Restarting Your Computer.

It’s a Godsend for Gamers and Vocalists to Have Tonor USB Microphones. if You Haven’t Already, Give It a Shot and Let Us Know How It Goes. Please Get in Touch with Us.

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