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iLife V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review: An Inexpensive Robotic Vacuum with Average Performance


There is an implicit hierarchy in the field of technology. Those gadgets that generate the most buzz are at the top. For instance, cutting-edge mobile phones tend to garner a lot of interest. Furthermore, video game consoles will be prominently displayed in the front of the store in any shop selling electronics.

It’s not hard to understand why people are so interested in these things. These devices are the means by which we share information and enjoy leisure time. It’s only logical that they would be thrilled to us since we’re so eager to put them to use.

Down the chain of command are the instruments we employ for upkeep and sanitation. The novelty of a new smartphone much outweighs that of a robot cleaner. There are, nevertheless, valid grounds to anticipate the arrival of a premium robot vacuum.

Time spent cleaning is reduced when using a robot vacuum. You can do whatever you want with your time instead of vacuuming the house. If you’re lucky, your new console will even let you play games.

The variety of robot vacuum cleaners available today may surprise you if you haven’t looked for one recently. If you consider the first Roomba, the word “smart” is inappropriate. The robotic vacuums of yesteryear would aimlessly roam your home.

The same spot would be pounded a hundred times while others would go unnoticed. They would routinely jam themselves, tumble down the stairs, and clumsily smash into walls. These days’ vacuum cleaners are so advanced that they can clean your floor just as well as a human.

Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

ILIFE V3s Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo Review. Exactly as its name suggests, this device can both vacuum and mop your floor. Features a powerful battery and a small base station. The smartphone app also provides a variety of operational modes from which to choose.

However, a decent robotic vacuum depends on a wide variety of parameters. We need to look much more closely at this one to determine whether or not it is worth your time and money.

A discussion of the vacuum’s physical layout and construction is the first order of business. The suction and the quality of the drive system and brushes require inspection. Furthermore, we need to assess the mobile app and its accompanying control choices. Let’s dive in and see what we can pick up!

Overall Design

ilife v3s max robot vacuum review

Much like other robot vacuums, the ILIFE V3s Max Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo have a flat, spherical design. Its diameter is 13, and it’s just 2.99 inches thick. Therefore, it is slim enough to go beneath a wide variety of furnishings. It won’t get caught under couches or other large furniture.

Mostly constructed from sturdy black plastic, the housing appears to be quite well built. There’s a slim bumper on the outside that’s reminiscent of robotic vacuums from the past. Maintaining a safe distance from obstacles is unnecessary when using a vacuum. If you do happen to kick it, though, you’ll be somewhat protected.

A purple sunburst adorns the top, which is a lovely visual element. In the very front, on a slim black bar, are a few buttons that can be depressed with the touch of a finger. A cycle of cleaning can be initiated and stopped with the play/pause button in the middle.

To access the internet, press the WiFi button on the right. To access the remaining settings, download the accompanying app, which will be covered in further depth below.

The interior trash can is accessible by flipping open the lid. Its huge, transparent plastic bin takes up most of the interior space.

The container’s water supply is contained within its body as well. This is placed further back in the housing, and its rear glass is see-through. By doing so, you can simply monitor how much water is still in the tank.

A tiny, black docking station is included with the vacuum. It is designed to fit flush against the wall and plugs into any regular electrical socket. When not in use, your vacuum can be stored here while its battery is charged.

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Drive and Brushes

Two large rubber wheels are located on the housing’s underside, somewhat offset from the unit’s center. The device is propelled effectively by these main drive wheels. They are able to make smooth transitions and overcome several common challenges.

Meanwhile, the front wheel has its own compartment. It’s motorized, so you can turn it in any way you like. With this feature, the vacuum may move freely throughout your home without your assistance.

Commonly located in the middle of most robot vacuums is a sizable roller brush. In contrast, the V3s Max is built using a brushless motor. In its place of a bulky roller, this vacuum just has a simple slot through which dust and other particles are drawn.

As a result, there is no roller to become entangled in long hair, making this a fantastic option for homes with solid floors. Unfortunately, there is no roller, therefore it can’t be used on carpets with a particularly thick pile. The open slot might potentially get tangled up in cables or carpets.

Front and side brush sweep out horizontally from the slot. These attract dirt and dust to the center of the broom, allowing you to clean a wider area. Similarly to the previous point, this function works wonderfully on hard floors but is less useful on carpets.

The housing’s back half features a pad attachment for use when mopping. Included in the bundle is a set of reusable and washable microfibre pads.

Cleaning Performance

ilife v3s max robot vacuum review

The maximum suction power for the ILIFE V3s Max is 2,000 Pascals (Pa). However, only when using the vacuum’s spot cleaning mode does it operate at maximum power. Otherwise, the vacuum is only 1,500Pa in strength. You can’t expect much strength from that. There will be about 2,700Pa of power in the typical robotic vacuum. To rephrase, its performance is subpar on carpets but acceptable on hard floors.

The pad is dampened rather than soaked by the water in the tank, which may hold up to 200 ccs. There’s no way to clean up major spills, but that’s not the idea. Routine messes like dust, filth, and grime can be wiped away quickly. Except in extreme cases, such as a massive spill or extremely dirty floor, this will suffice.

The Yemeni Vac Max is a great choice if you’re looking for a robot vacuum with powerful suction. With a maximum suction level of 3,000Pa, this robotic vacuum and mop are quite effective. It boasts smart surface sensing and a carpet roller that gets the job done. However, it has some difficulty dealing with sudden changes.

Battery and Charging

The vacuum can run on its internal battery for about 90 minutes. It all depends on what kind of operation you’re doing in terms of precise performance. Spot cleaning mode, for instance, puts more strain on the motor than other modes. Your battery will discharge faster as a result. The battery will last a little longer if you only do minor cleaning on some hard flooring.

A dead battery is no great concern in either case. When the V3s Max’s power is running low, it will head back to its charging station by itself. It will automatically resume cleaning once it has been recharged. In any case, 90 minutes is plenty of time to clean the majority of rooms.

Setup and Maintenance

ilife v3s max robot vacuum review


You can get around your house quickly and easily with the V3s Max. But first, it must construct a map of your home. After the initial startup, it will wander aimlessly. Yet, it does so while simultaneously charting your house.

It will become more effective with subsequent cleaning cycles. This is how things usually work, at least. It can be difficult to maneuver in confined areas. It could, for instance, become wedged between the mattress and the wall.

In addition to a depleted battery, an overflowing dust bin might trigger your vacuum to return to its home base. With a 600 cc capacity, the trash can easily hold enough waste for several uses.

It shouldn’t fill up under typical circumstances, so you can empty it whenever it’s most convenient for you. When it happens, though, the process of clearing out takes only a short while.

OK, but what if you demand the absolute minimum in upkeep? The Dreametech D10 Plus is an excellent option to consider in this instance. Your dust hopper will empty itself into the base station’s big vacuum bag. It costs more, but its suction power is greater, and its battery life is longer.

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Everyday Use

You can do a lot more than just start a basic cleaning cycle with the app on your smartphone. To begin, there are four unique cleaning modes available. It has a “random cleaning” setting where it will move about in an unpredictable manner.

It will move in a standard zigzag pattern when in path cleaning mode. Edge cleaning will scrub the room’s outer edges, while spot cleaning will zero in on a specific problem area.

If you use the app, you may keep track of your cleaning habits and see what you’ve accomplished in the past. The suction level can be adjusted, however, we recommend leaving it at its highest setting. The vacuum may be connected to Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. With just a few words, you can start a cleaning cycle or adjust the settings.

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