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Hulu Plans: What are the different plans Hulu offers?


Hulu Live TV costs $69.99 per month, however, the exact cost depends on the base plan chosen as well as any premium options added. Hulu provides multiple live TV streaming plans, and understanding the differences between them will assist guarantee that an individual or household is paying the correct amount for the correct plan. Here’s a breakdown of the different Hulu live plans and their prices.

Hulu Live offers a wide range of news, sports, and entertainment channels, with the basic subscription including more than 75 live TV stations. In addition, every Hulu live subscription receives free access to basic Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. These on-demand subscription services normally cost $6.99 or $7.99 per month apiece, making the bundle of all three a decent deal overall, especially for families or bigger households who may already be paying for them.

Hulu Live TV is a fantastic deal overall, especially when compared to the cost of competing live TV streaming services and what they offer, at $69.99 per month. YouTube TV, for example, costs $64.99 per month, while DirecTV Stream and fuboTV both charge a minimum of $69.99 per month. Sling TV is considerably less expensive, starting at $35 a month, but it also has fewer channels in general.

The $69.99 per month package is just one of the options available to Hulu live members. While choosing one of the other plans will have no effect on the number or type of channels available, it may have an impact on other aspects of the experience.

What are the different plans Hulu offers?

  • Hulu (Basic)
  • Hulu (No Ads)
  • Hulu + Live TV (Now with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus)
  • Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV (Now with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus
  Hulu Hulu (No Ads) Hulu Basic + Live TV Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV
Price $7/mo. $13/mo. $70/mo. $76/mo.
Free trial length 30 days 30 days X X
Access to Hulu’s on-demand library?
No ads X X
Access to 85+ live TV channels? X X
Number of screens Two Two Two Two
Add-ons available


What are the Various Hulu Plans?

hulu plans

Hulu strives to keep its services simple, allowing consumers the ability to record live TV, view premium channels, and watch movies. The company has a four-tiered payment structure that allows consumers to personalize their viewing experience as much or as little as they want.

Hulu functions similarly to Apple TV and other competitors in the sector, providing a streamlined viewing experience for a low monthly fee. The four main price plan tiers are listed below, along with a description of what each package includes. You may have to pay a little extra for perks or add-ons like live sports, live TV channels, or hours of cloud DVR.

Hulu is a streaming video service (Basic)

Hulu Basic is the most user-friendly subscription on the platform, with a large selection of series and films to choose from and limited ad interruptions. You may watch whole seasons of your favourite included shows, as well as live TV episodes, and replays the day after they air. You can also access the Hulu Originals collection of material including hit shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, Little Fires Everywhere, and more with basic Hulu.

While the advertising may be considered a “downside,” Hulu Basic subscribers have access to the same technical features as its higher-tier subscription levels. These are a few examples:

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Autoplay is available, as well as a 1080p/60fps viewing experience.
  • In the “My Stuff” menu, you’ll find personalised recommendations and saved shows.
  • Up to six profiles can be created for individualised streaming recommendations.
  • It has a 2.0 stereo and a 5:1 surround sound system.
  • If you want to buy a year’s worth of membership at once, you can do so for $69.00 per year. Given the size of their rapidly-expanding streaming library, this is competitive with current cable and on-demand options from other providers, allowing you to continue to watch Hulu and enjoy its diverse selection of episodes and movies.

This is likely the subscription option for you if you don’t mind advertisements, want the option of the customizable add-ons and speciality channels, and want a basic streaming plan similar to Youtube TV with a broad variety. It’s the ideal option for budget streamers, with monthly and annual prices that are affordable.

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Hulu is a streaming video service (No Ads)

hulu plans

Many of the same perks as the basic baseline Hulu Basic subscription are available with a Hulu (No Ads) membership. The key difference between the two plans is that the No-Ads plan will not disrupt your viewing experience with commercial breaks. This is one of Hulu’s most affordable plans, as it includes all of the technical perks as well as the same content catalogue as the Basic plan.

You may upgrade to a more binge-worthy autoplay experience for an extra $6 per month (bringing the total to $12.99 per month). You can always select some supplementary add-ons if you’re seeking a live TV streaming service.

Hulu’s exclusions list is the only actual “downside” of this option. While the Hulu No Ads plan does not include advertisements, there are a few exclusions that may need you to take a brief break between episodes. The list is subject to change on a daily basis, but you can see the current exclusions here.

Overall, if you want a high-quality viewing experience that’s more like traditional TV, this is the bundle for you. Streamers will be able to binge-watch in peace on Friday nights with no ad interruptions and a large library.

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Hulu + Live Television

Disney Plus and ESPN Plus have recently joined Hulu + Live TV. This package provides a full live TV experience as well as over 75+ local and national channels that may be streamed in real-time. You’ll still get access to the entire Hulu library, including Hulu Originals, in addition to the channel selection collection.

This subscription also includes a Cloud DVR that can store up to 50 hours of streamed material at any given time. A Live Guide search option is also available, which shows you what’s on-air for the next two weeks. You can also set timers for episodes so you can watch them whenever you want and never miss an episode.

This service costs $69.99 each month, which means you can save money if your cable bill is in the triple digits. This is the plan for you if you want similar capabilities to on-demand or cable services, don’t mind watching a few ads breaks every episode, and don’t want to pay extra for your favourite Disney classics or sports channels.

Hulu (ad-free) + Live TV

hulu plans

Disney Plus and ESPN Plus have joined Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV. Bundle holders have the same benefits as Hulu Live TV, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus subscribers, such as cloud DVR recording and over 75 channels to pick from. Offline streaming, multi-profile settings, and an ad-free viewing experience for the whole family are also available.

At $75.99 per month, this plan isn’t much more expensive than the previous membership tier. Many people choose for the upgrade because it costs only $6 more and allows them to enjoy a flawless, binge-worthy streaming experience. If you’re still looking for a plan that competes with cable and on-demand services while also providing an immersive viewing experience, this plan is a great option.

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What are Hulu’s Disney Plus and ESPN Plus bundles?

hulu plans

Hulu’s two largest membership tiers now include Disney Plus and ESPN Plus, making the packages even more competitive than before. These packages (both ad-inclusive and ad-free) provide you access to all of the films and shows that come standard with a Disney Plus membership. You’ll be able to watch new Disney movies, old Disney classics, and current programming. If you already have Disney Plus separately, Hulu will adjust your charged rate to the partner discount rate if you sign up with the same account as your Disney Plus profile.

With the ESPN Plus add-on, you can watch sports all day long. When you join Hulu in this bundle deal instead of getting a separate ESPN Plus membership, you’ll save an estimated $5 or more. You’ll also have access to the entire Originals library, as well as archives and 30 for 30 library inclusions. You can even watch sports on up to five displays at once, as well as three mobile, out-of-home devices. Overall, this plan is ideal for families looking to improve their entertainment options or those who want the best of both membership programmes in one convenient package.

Is Hulu really worth it?

Hulu is getting even more competitive in the watch subscription market as it continues to expand and diversify its offerings. With plans starting at $6.99 per month, Hulu remains one of the most cost-effective platforms. This compares favourably to Netflix’s and HBO Max’s base plans, which both start at $9.99 per month. Hulu is worth the average cost — regardless of which membership tier you’re considering — because it offers fully customizable channel subscriptions, membership packages, and live-streaming capabilities.

Aside from Hulu’s package stacks, which include the Disney Bundle, you can take advantage of additional perks that you won’t find on other platforms for the same price. Cloud DVR storage or channels like ESPN Deportes, Sportsman Channel, and Magnolia Network are just a few of the perks.

Hulu’s partner programmes and price-match discounts set it apart from other options on the market, and its flexible payment options and no-obligation membership structure only add to the appeal. It’s also very affordable as a live streaming option compared to a typical cable or on-demand bill, depending on channel selection and package price.

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Is there a free trial available for Hulu?

Hulu’s Hulu (Basic) and Hulu (Premium) services both offer a 30-day free trial (No Ads). You’ll be asked for your credit card information when you sign up, but you won’t be charged until the month is over. One of the platform’s main selling points is that there are no hidden costs. Keep in mind that you won’t be eligible for a free trial of Hulu + Live TV (now with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus) or Hulu + Live TV (now with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus) (No Ads, now with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus).

After your free trial has ended, you might want to look into some of the additional add-ons, which include the Disney Bundle, Military History Channel, MTV Classic, Teen Nick, and Destination America, to name a few. You can also choose a more logistical upgrade, such as Unlimited Screens.


The standard Hulu Live TV subscription, which is the most widely used, costs $69.99 per month. Subscribers can save $1 per month by opting for the $68.99 Live TV Only plan. This slightly less expensive subscription only gives you access to the service’s live TV channels and excludes any on-demand content from basic Hulu, Disney+, or ESPN+. Aside from that, the two plans offer the same DVR, number of simultaneous streams, and add-on options. Hulu also offers a Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV plan, which costs $75.99 per month. Although this is an ad-free subscription, the No Ads plan only removes commercials from basic Hulu videos on-demand, not live TV or recorded videos.

Which subscription option is best will be determined by the individual or household’s needs. In general, the standard $69.99 per month plan offers the best overall value and will likely be the best choice for the majority of households. If you don’t need the additional subscriptions that come with Hulu Live TV, the Live TV Only plan, which saves you $1 per month, might be a better option. The Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV plan is best for those who want to watch basic Hulu videos without ads.


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