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How to Use a Xbox Controller in Pc? Things You Need to Know


Despite having “Xbox” in the name, the Xbox Wireless Gamepad is compatible with more than just the Xbox. The controller can be used wirelessly with any PC game that supports Bluetooth and Windows 10 or Windows 11. Here’s how to connect your Xbox controller to your computer and get started playing games.

Figure out Which Xbox Controller You Own

This section is unnecessary for those who have recently purchased an Xbox gamepad, as they will be using the most recent model. As for that, you should be fine if you have one that is quite recent in terms of years. The Xbox Wireless Gamepad that ships with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X today is identical to the Xbox Wireless Gamepad that shipped with the Xbox 360 and Xbox.

In the years following the release of the first Xbox One consoles, the majority of the wireless gamepads for that generation were updated to integrate Bluetooth. You can now proceed with your Bluetooth or wired connection plans.

The original Xbox One controllers don’t have Bluetooth and instead use Xbox’s own wireless protocol. It works perfectly on Xbox systems but not on personal computers. So’s still possible to use one with a computer, but you’ll need a wireless dongle to do it.

Check the plastic that encloses the Guide button if you’re using an older Xbox One controller. A Bluetooth gamepad will have the same plastic as the front of the controller and no visible seams. A non-Bluetooth controller can be identified if the Guide button is the same plastic as the bumper buttons and there is a seam between the button and the controller’s face.

You can tell it’s a modern Xbox Series controller with Bluetooth and a USB-C port on top rather than a micro USB port if it features a small, rectangular Capture button in between the Menu and View buttons.

Connect Your Xbox Controller to Pc with A Wire

how to use a xbox controller in pc

The Process Is Straightforward, However, a Cable Must Be Used to Link the Controller to The Computer. Just Follow These Steps!

Connect the Controller to One End of A USB to Micro USB or USB to USB-C Cable (the Latter Is Required for Some Controllers).

Don’t Forget to Connect the Other End to Your Computer.

In Any Case, That’s It! You Don’t Need to Do Anything Special to Get It Set up On Windows 10 or 11, and It’ll Be Compatible with Just About Every Pc Game.

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Connect Your Xbox Controller to your PC with Bluetooth

how to use a xbox controller in pc

The Process of Connecting the Xbox Controller to A Computer Through Bluetooth Is Nearly Identical to Connecting It to An Xbox One or Xbox Series Console. when The Controller Is Ready to Use, Press and Hold the Guide Button for Three Seconds until The Guide Button Begins Flashing, and Then Release.

It’s Now in The “pairing” Phase. to Pair a Controller with A Console, You Must Press and Hold the Pairing Button on The Console. There Are a Few Steps to Do if You Want to Connect the Controller to A Windows 10 Computer. if Your Computer Doesn’t Already Have Bluetooth Built-In, You’ll Also Need a Bluetooth USB Dongle. Detailed Instructions Are as Follows:

  • Keep Pressing the Guide Button to Keep the Controller Powered On.
  • Simply Press and Hold the Pairing Button for Three Seconds, until The Guide Button Begins Blinking.
  • Simply Right-Click the Bluetooth Tray Icon.
  • Simply Add a Bluetooth Device by Selecting the Appropriate Option.
  • Select Bluetooth from The Drop-Down Menu of “add Bluetooth or Other Device.”
  • Select “Xbox Wireless Controller” in The Menu. Hold Off on Connecting the Controller until The Guide Button Turns Solid White and The Bluetooth Menu Announces that It Is Paired.

Almost All Newer Games that Have Controller Compatibility May Now Be Played on A Pc Using the Xbox Wireless Gamepad. in Contrast, the Dual Shock 4 and Dual Sense Controllers from Sony neither Allow nor Support the Use of A Headphone with The Gamepad. While the Gamepad and Its Corresponding Gaming System Support the Usage of Wired Gaming Headsets, the Jack Is Not Used to Transmit Audio when The Device Is Linked to A Computer Through Bluetooth.

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Connect Your Xbox Controller to your Pc with A USB Adapter

You’ll Need an Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 if You Wish to Utilise a Non-Bluetooth Xbox One Controller or A Newer Controller with Microsoft’s Proprietary Wireless Connection (and Hence, Headset Connectivity).

It’s a USB Dongle Made to Work with Your Xbox Controller without The Need for Bluetooth Pairing or Configuration. Simply Plug in The Dongle and Click the Pairing Button on Both the Controller and The Dongle to Establish a Wireless Connection.

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