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How to Unlocking an iPhone without A Computer: Methods and Strategies


If you enter an incorrect passcode too many times on an iPhone, you will see the dreaded “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes” message. To unlock a locked iPhone, the majority of web guides recommend using a computer. This is another unfortunate circumstance for those who do not have access to or own a computer.

Luckily, this blog reveals 3 reliable methods to crack iPhone passcodes without a computer or iTunes, and they work for all iPhone models. Remember that you should try different approaches if one doesn’t seem to work. Let’s jump right into the meat of the issue, shall we?

Part 1: How to Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer Using Find My App

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer

You may have seen a Find My iPhone option in your iPhone’s Settings menu.

It’s a safety feature built into iPhones that can help you find your phone if it becomes lost or stolen. If a user loses their iOS device, they may simply sign into their iCloud account to find it, lock it down, or prevent access altogether. When you’ve forgotten your screen lock passcode, you can reset your smartphone with this function. Find out how to accomplish it in the guidelines provided below.

1. Invest in a second iPhone. A device like an iPad or iPhone. Use the search bar to look for the Find My app, and then launch it.

2. Use your Apple ID and password to access iCloud. Select the problematic iPhone from the list there, and then tap Erase.

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Part 2: How to Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer via iCloud

iCloud allows you to delete all data from an iPhone even if you don’t have access to any other iOS devices. And it works in a way that’s very similar to the first method.

1. You should use any device you like, not only an iPhone or iOS device, for this purpose. An Android phone would work for this purpose. Visit the following address to search your iCloud: A page to log into your iCloud account will load. Simply log in with your Apple ID and password.

2. If you log in, you should get a screen similar to the one shown below: 2.

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer

3. The dots denote the various gadgets you have synced with your iCloud account. A single click will reveal the hidden iDevice. Once you’ve located the device in question, you may access its information by tapping the corresponding I icon, as shown in the figure below.

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer

4. Step four: now select Erase iPhone. This will delete all data from your iPhone, including the passcode. As was previously noted, using this approach will result in the loss of all of your data and other material. However, we have faith that you are the type of guy who routinely makes backups. If you aren’t already, please start taking that matter seriously.

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer

Part 3: How to Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer by Tricking Siri

It’s worth noting that this workaround is limited to more ancient versions of iOS. In all likelihood, you’re in for a treat if your iPhone is at least a few years old, has to access to the internet, and has Siri turned on.

1. To begin, inquire of Siri what time it is. Click the plus sign (+) in the World Clock area. Simply type a word into the search bar, like “WooTechy,” and see what comes up. After entering the desired word, double-tap it to highlight it, then select All and finally Share.

2. When the Share menu appears, select “Message.” Enter your desired text in the To field and hit the Return key on your keyboard. Put a green tint on the text you pasted into the section.

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer

3. Then, select Create New Contact > Add Photo by tapping the plus sign to the right of the text field.

4. We have now reached the meat of the matter. When you see the Photos Library screen, tap Home right away. With this, you won’t need to input the passcode every time you want to use your iPhone.

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Bonus Tip: Unlock iPhone with WooTechy iDelock (Computer Needed)

All of the aforementioned techniques can assist unlock an iPhone passcode without a computer, but they each have significant limitations. We assume that you either have a buddy who can lend you a PC or that your computer is currently at a repair shop.

Even so, having a trustworthy computer app that can unlock the iPhone screen passcode and other types of iOS locks is always helpful.

We’d like to recommend WooTechy’s iDelock password unlocker for this task. iDelock is a universal solution for bypassing security measures on iOS devices, including the passcode, Apple ID, Screen Time passcode, and MDM. Millions of people all across the world have placed their trust in it because of its dependability and ease of use.

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