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Bluetooth on a Mac: How to Activate It? Fast solutions to your Mac’s Bluetooth problems!

Bluetooth has quickly become one of the most ubiquitous wireless technologies because of its ability to facilitate the linking of several devices for the purpose of completing common operations with fewer pieces of equipment.

With each new item, it seems like the tech industry is moving away from cords, thus many people are switching to using Bluetooth for their peripherals. This is especially true for Apple devices like Macs.

Siri Lets You Turn on Your Mac’s Bluetooth without Using the Mouse or Keyboard

Before We Get Into Any of That, There’s a Dead Simple Solution: Just Say “hey Siri, Switch on Bluetooth” on Your Mac if You Have Hey Siri Enabled.

The Mouse And/or Keyboard Should Immediately Connect to The Mac After Turning on Bluetooth.

Obviously, Not Everyone Has Hey Siri Turned On, so If You’re One of Those People, Move on To the Other Suggestions.

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Change Mac’s Bluetooth Settings On/off

Disable Bluetooth While Flying or At a Medical Facility, Where Radio Communications May Be Illegal.

  1. To View, the Bluetooth Status on Your Mac, Select the Icon from The Menu Bar or The Mac’s Control Center.
  2. The Bluetooth Status Icon Should Appear in The Menu Bar by Default, but If It Doesn’t, Pick Apple > System Preferences > Bluetooth > Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar. with Control Center, Bluetooth Connectivity Is Permanent.
  3. To Activate or Deactivate Bluetooth, Use the Toggle.
  4. Turning Off Bluetooth on Your Mac May Prevent the Use of Continuity, Instant Hotspot, and Handoff.

You Can Also Find the Bluetooth Icon in Your Mac’s Settings Menu and Use that To Toggle Bluetooth’s Status on Or Off.

If You’re Using a Third-Party USB Bluetooth Adapter, Though, You Might Not See This Choice; in That Case, You’ll Need to Unplug the Adapter to Disable Bluetooth.

If Bluetooth Is Enabled but Your Device Still Won’t Connect to Your Mac, Try Another Bluetooth App Like Air Buddy or Tooth Fairy.


Tech Problems Are a Pain, but If Your Mac Isn’t Recognising Bluetooth Devices, There Are a Few Things You May Do.

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  1. See if There Are Any New Mac System Upgrades Available.
  2. Put in Place the Latest Upgrades if They Are Offered.
  3. Update All of Your Device Drivers.
  4. There May Be a Need to Ensure the Most Recent Drivers Are Loaded if Your Bluetooth Device Calls for Them.
  5. Disable Bluetooth and Then Enable It Again.
  6. Restart Your Mac by Switching It Off and Then on Again.
  7. Turning It Off and On Again May Seem Like an Overly Simplistic Fix, but It Often Works.
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