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How to IPad’s Split View Function: How To Use It


It’s likely that when you’re doing work on your computer, you’re switching back and forth between multiple programs. You may achieve the same results with your own iPad. We’ll be demonstrating two capabilities on the iPad that allows for split-screen operation.

Split View and Slide Over let you use two apps on your iPad at once. There’s no need to maximize and collapse windows to view relevant information. Put the apps side by side and multitask like a pro.

Enable Multitasking on iPad

If you’re familiar with the iPad’s Multitasking feature, you should know that the previous configuration is no longer available. The Multitasking toggle used to be located in Settings > Home Screen & Dock, where it could be enabled or disabled.

Disabling this option made it possible to disable Split View and Slide Over. The option is still there even in the newest versions of iPadOS, though.

This preference, however, is no longer available in iPadOS 15 and later. You may quickly access any of these options via the Multitasking icon and menu. This icon appears as a set of three dots at the very top of the app and enlarges as necessary.

Open Apps in Split View

To switch between apps while viewing your iPad in landscape mode, press the Multitasking icon in the upper right. If an app doesn’t have the multitasking icon (three dots), it doesn’t support the feature.

To use Split View, click the button in the middle of the screen.

how to split screen on ipad

The app will then be pushed to the side of the screen, making room for your Home screen and Dock. This allows you to pick the second program you’d like to display on the other half of the screen.

The next app you launch will show both windows side by side. To see more of one program and less of another, move the divider to the right or left of the screen’s center.

It is possible to multitask between two apps if you keep them both visible on the screen at the same time. Navigate Safari on the left while reading a text on the right. Alternately, you might have the Calendar open on one side and the App Store open on the other.

One of the most useful aspects of Split View is the ability to slide content between the two apps. Using the Photos app, you can find an image that you like and decide to send along with an email. To attach an image to an email, simply drag it from one side of the screen to the other.

how to split screen on ipad

Replace an App in Split View

Drag down to remove a Split View app

It’s possible that, while you work in Split View, you’ll want to switch between the two programs. One of the apps displayed here can be switched out for another.

To delete an app, swipe it down from the top of your screen.

Then, just like when you first activated Split View, the first app will disappear and the second app will shrink to the other side of the screen. Find and launch a replacement app to take its place.

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Turn Off Split View


You can quickly and simply return to a single-app view whenever you prefer it. Achieve full-screen mode for the currently active app by tapping the Multitasking icon for that app and then tapping the solid box symbol in the far left corner.

Alternatively, you can cover up the app you don’t wish to keep by dragging the middle divider. By doing so, the other program will now take up the entire screen.

After that, you can return to your Home screen as usual.

Open Apps in Slide Over


Using Slide Over, you can split your iPad’s screen between two apps, much like the Split View feature. Slide Over, on the other hand, maintains the second app on top of the first and off to the side, as demonstrated below.

how to split screen on ipad

To switch between apps while viewing your iPad in landscape mode, press the Multitasking icon in the upper right. To activate Slide Over, click the button located in the upper right corner.

The app will then disappear to the right of the screen.


I would like you to select the next app to showcase. The app then takes up the entire screen, with Slide Over sitting atop it.

Using the Multitasking button, slide the Slide Over window to the left or right. Sliding an app to the side of the screen is the same as shutting it. A grey tab will appear, and you can move it to reveal the option whenever you like.

Slide Over allows you to transfer data between applications in the same way that Split View does. Using tap, hold, and drag, you can easily move an image or file from one app to another in Slide Over.

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Close Slide Over

You can end Slide Over in the same way you ended Split View. You can use the Multitasking icon to expand an app to fill the screen and then exit back to the Home screen.

Move Between Split View and Slide Over

Change from Split View to Slide Over


It’s possible to switch between Split View and Slide Over by tapping the Multitasking symbol for the app in question and then tapping the Slide Over icon.

Change from Slide Over to Split View

Slide Over’s Multitasking button may be used to switch to Split View, allowing you to use two apps at once.

Click the app’s icon, and then decide whether you want it on the left or right side.

The iPad’s split-screen capabilities are a useful in-built feature that you should make use of. The iPad’s Center Window and Picture-in-Picture capabilities are two more helpful methods to multitask.

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