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How to Fix Overheating Android Problem: Here Are 13 Easy Solutions.


Overheating is a common problem for anyone who has owned a smartphone. It’s a regular problem, and when the weather becomes hot, it becomes much more of a problem.

This is what says: “Since cellphones require the actual movement of components, they naturally produce heat as a byproduct of their operation. Generally speaking, the rate at which electricity is being consumed by your smartphone is directly related to the temperature it generates.”

Your phone could overheat if you add it to the scorching summer sun.

In the event that your smartphone overheats, try one of these 13 fast remedies.

1. Only Charge Your Phone’s Battery to 80%.

how to solve overheating problem in android

To begin with, if you need to charge your phone while you sleep, do not place it on a pillow or a bedsheet but rather on a flat, cool surface. On the other hand, Android Pit warns that fully recharging will significantly reduce the battery’s lifespan, so you shouldn’t do them very often anyhow.

In order to prevent your phone from overheating, you should charge it when the battery life reaches about 30% and remove the charger when the battery has reached 80%.

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2. Avoid Exposing the Phone to Direct Sunlight.

Don’t forget your phone on a chair near the pool all afternoon, where it will be exposed to strong sunlight.

3. Always Close Unused Apps.

how to solve overheating problem in android

It’s bad for your phone’s battery life to have too many apps open at once (including browser tabs), so make it a practice to close them when they’re not in use. Also, if you’re charging your phone, it’s best to avoid using it for anything else (especially graphically intensive apps like games).

Greenify is a highly recommended tool among Android users for saving battery life. It does this by placing inactive apps into hibernation mode.

4. Turn the Brightness Down.

When using your phone outside, it is especially important to reduce the brightness. It is recommended to get an anti-glare screen if you have trouble seeing the screen even when the brightness is set to a comfortable level.

5. Keep Apps Up-To-Date.

how to solve overheating problem in android

P Safe recommends always using the most recent versions of iOS and apps because there is always the chance that a bug introduced in an older update will cause your device to malfunction and then be fixed in the subsequent update.

6. Don’t Be an App Hoarder.

Get rid of unused features and software. This also covers disabling location services for certain apps, turning off background processes, and turning off push notifications.

7. Utilize Airplane Mode.

how to solve overheating problem in android

Put your phone in airplane mode or turn it off if you plan on spending a long time outside (like at the beach). Don’t waste battery life on your phone if you aren’t actively engaged in its use.

8. Ration the Bluetooth.

Don’t keep Bluetooth connected for too long and always remember to turn it off when you’re done. If your phone automatically pairs with your car’s Bluetooth and you won’t be making or receiving calls or listening to podcasts that day, turn off auto-pairing.

9. Install Antivirus Software if You Have an Android Phone.

how to solve overheating problem in android

If your Android is getting too hot to hold, it may be infected with a virus. Malware attacks on Android devices are common, therefore it’s important to protect your phone with antivirus software.

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10. Take a Break from Playing Games.

You should probably slow down while playing games on your phone, and you should absolutely not leave the game running in the background once you’re done with it.

11. Take Off the Case.

how to solve overheating problem in android

Taking off the phone’s case may help cool it down if it’s getting too warm.

12. Check the Charging Cable.

Your phone’s charging cord could be at fault if it gets too hot while being connected to a power source. You may start by seeing if the problem goes away by simply replacing it.

13. The Camera Could Be the Culprit.

Hundreds of online communities are devoted to the widely prevalent issue of a phone’s camera overheating. When trying to record a lengthy video, your device may overheat and become unusable.

If you’ve been filming for more than five minutes and your phone is starting to get too hot to handle, you should stop what you’re doing and shut off the camera app.

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