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How to Share Screen on Face Time for IPhone and Mac


The Share Screen feature makes it as simple as initiating a FaceTime call to show a far-away buddy what you’re seeing on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac’s screen. The correct procedure for using it is detailed below.

What You Need to Know

Share your screen with a friend or family member using FaceTime, but make sure you’re both running at least iOS 15.1 (on iPhone) or iPad 15.1 (on iPad), or macOS 12.1. (on Mac). To make advantage of FaceTime, you’ll also need an Apple ID.

If an app’s content is behind a paywall or requires a purchase, you can’t share it. (Apple suggests instead utilizing SharePlay for this.)

FaceTime’s screen sharing feature is useful for presenting information to remote audiences or getting assistance with technical issues. Your alerts will be muted while you are sharing your screen. However, if you are sharing your screen with someone and they have access to important information, you should exercise caution.

How to Share Screen on FaceTime for iPhone and iPad

How to Share Screen on FaceTime for Mac

Launch the FaceTime software, then make a call to another user who is also using FaceTime on their iOS device. When you’re ready to share your screen, click the icon that resembles a rectangle with a person standing in front of it. Select “Share My Screen” from the menu that displays.

How to Share Screen on FaceTime for Mac

Once screen sharing has begun, FaceTime will appear in a minimized window on your screen, and you will be able to use your iPhone or iPad normally, including launching applications. The other party in the call can observe your on-screen activity (but they will not see the inset video window).

If you want to stop sharing your screen, just bring up the FaceTime toolbar again by pressing the video thumbnail, and then deselect the screen sharing button.

Done with the FaceTime call? Press the “End” button.

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How to Share Screen on FaceTime for Mac

How to Share Screen on FaceTime for Mac

On a Mac, you can simply launch the FaceTime program and start a call to start sharing your screen. Once you’re linked up, pick the screen sharing button (it looks like a rectangle with a person in front of it) by clicking the FaceTime icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

When you do so, a drop-down menu appears, from which you can select which window or the complete display to show to your collaborator. Select the desired action by clicking on it.

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How to Share Screen on FaceTime for Mac

When you select “Window” on FaceTime, you’ll be asked to select the window you want to show your friend. If you select “Screen,” the other party in the call will be able to see your complete Mac display during the call.

If you want to send a screen share, you may do so by right-clicking the FaceTime symbol (which should now appear like a screen) and choosing “Stop Sharing Screen.”

When you’re ready, you can pick up where you left off by sharing your screen. Once you’re done talking, you may end the FaceTime conversation by opening the main menu again and selecting the “X” icon. Wishing you the best of luck with your share!

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