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How To Record The Screen On An iPhone or An Android?


Recording the screen on your iPhone is useful in many situations. You can use it to capture an Instagram video you find interesting and want to share on Facebook or WhatsApp. Whatever the reason, making a screen recording on iOS is easier than ever. Here, you will not only learn how to screen record on an iPhone but also on an Android.

Step By Step: How To Screen Record On iPhone?

The screen recording function is available on iPhones with iOS 11 or later. This is one of the best iPhone widgets and is free and built into iOS.

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How To Record The Screen On An iPhone or An Android?

1. Enable the Screen Recording Features

The first step in recording what’s on your iPhone screen is to turn on screen recording in iOS’s Control Center. Here’s what you should do in particular:

  • Go to the Settings menu to get to the Control Panel.
  • You can record your screen in the “Additional Settings” section.
  • Move the plus sign (+) to the top of the Included Controls section by clicking on it and dragging it.

2. Initiate The Screen Recording

If you have an iPhone X or later, slide down from the top right corner of the screen to open the Control Center. For older models, you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You’ll see “screen record” there.

When you press the Screen Recording button, a three-second timer will appear on your screen before the recording starts. When you start to record, the timer or bar at the top of the screen will turn red. Do Not Disturb lets you record your screen without being interrupted by alerts.

When recording a screen on an iPhone, audio recording is sometimes turned off. But you can turn it on by holding the button down for a few seconds and then tapping the Microphone Off icon. This will let you record audio while you record the screen.

If you don’t turn off the microphone before you record your screen again, it will automatically record sound when you record your screen in the future.

3. Stop Your Screen Recording

To stop recording, just tap the red clock or bar at the top. Some iPhones will ask if you’re sure you want to stop. Just click the appropriate button to confirm your choice. The second way to stop the recording is to use the Screen Recording button in the Control Center.

When you’re done, the prompt will tell you that the video has been recorded and saved to the Photos album on your device. It’s finally done! That’s how to record your iPhone’s screen.

How To Use Third-Party Apps To Record Your iPhone Screen?

In the first part of this article, we talked about how to record your iPhone’s screen. And you can see that you can easily record the screen of your iPhone with just a few taps. This is a feature that comes with iOS. But you might want to do more with your recordings than what the iPhone lets you do.

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Here Are Some Great Third-Party Apps You Can Add to Your iPhone to Help You Record Your Screen and Do More with It.

  • Go Record
  • Record it!
  • DU Recorder
  • Screen Recording Video Capture
  • TechSmith Capture
  • Screen Recorder +
  • Live Stream Apps & Games
  • Screen Recorder

How To Screen-Record On Android?

There Are Several Options for Screen Recording on An Android Device.

How To Record The Screen On An iPhone or An Android?

Just do the following: 

  • Swipe down the Notifications panel twice to access your phone’s Quick Settings panel. Then simply activate the screen recorder.
  • If the Screen Recorder icon is not already present, click the Plus sign that comes at the very end of the icons. Then, click and hold the Screen recorder icon and drag it to appear in the Quick Settings menu.
  • Once you’ve selected Screen Recorder, you’ll be prompted to decide whether or not you want to record audio and demonstrate screen touches.
  • Choose the options you want, and then click Start Recording to begin capturing your screen.
  • While your phone is recording, a red recording symbol or notification will show in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap here to stop recording after you’re done taking the video.

How to Use Third-Party Apps On Android To Record Your Screen?

Here are some apps for Android that can record your screen if you can’t find or use the one that came with your phone. Due to some Google updates, however, your phone may not be able to use some of the apps to record sound.

Screen Recording Apps for Your Android Include:

  • InShot Screen Recorder
  • Twitch
  • Link to Windows
  • Vysor
  • AZ Screen Recorder
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