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The Macintosh Right-Click Procedure!


Many new, useful methods of computer use didn’t become available until Macs were released. One of these developments, however, has left many customers baffled.

Despite the prevalence of two-button mice designed to work with Macs, the question of how to right-click on a Mac or MacBook persists, so if you’re confused about this, you’re in good company.

If you use a mouse with two buttons and connect it to a Mac, macOS should immediately recognize the second button and assign it to the right-click menu.

However, if you’re using an Apple product like the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, or the trackpad on a MacBook, you may get the equivalent of a to right-click by doing one of the following.

Approaches to Right-Clicking on A Mac Trackpad

how to right click on a mac

When you right-click, you can access additional contextual options that aren’t present when you just left-click. In order to use a secondary click on either device, please follow these instructions.

Simply Bring Your Thumb and Index Finger Together and Click It.

It is with this method that your intrepid blogger does a right click. Since I prefer to use my index finger to navigate the trackpad while my thumb waits in the wings to make a decisive click,

To right-click, just position your middle finger next to your mouse’s index finger and click with your thumb.

My thumb and index finger stay where they normally are, and I use my middle finger to tap the trackpad.

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Two-finger click

how to right click on a mac

Tap the trackpad on your Mac with two fingers about an inch apart, and you’ll get a right-click.

If you’re having trouble getting your computer to respond to a two-finger tap, try adjusting the trackpad’s settings in the preferences menu.

When using a trackpad, you can right-click with two fingers instead of three.

Give yourself the lower right corner.

If using two fingers to right-click is uncomfortable for you, you can designate the bottom-left corner as a right-click area in the operating system’s preferences.

Select Trackpad in System Preferences accessible via the Apple menu. The Secondary click option will then appear when you select Point & Click from the main menu.

Clicking the bottom-right corner requires two fingers by default but can be changed.

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To Select, Several Items, Hold Down the Control Key and Click the Mouse.

For the third and final choice, which necessitates the use of both hands, you can right-click the trackpad by holding down the Control key while clicking.

Instructions for Using the Right Mouse Button on A Force Touchpad

how to right click on a mac

Force Touch trackpad is an upgraded version of the trackpad included with all MacBooks released in 2015 and beyond. You can access different menus by varying the pressure with which you press the trackpad.

You may right-click the Force Touch Trackpad in the usual way, just like you can on any other trackpad. However, you can also right-click by pressing down and holding on to the trackpad, which may feel more natural.

Following these steps will allow you to modify the sensitivity of your Force Touch trackpad.

  1. Apple menu, please
  2. Enter the Computer’s Preferences.
  3. Trackpad Mode
  4. Click the Point & Click button.
  5. Seek out a menu item labeled “Click pressure,” and then tweak a slider to your liking.
  6. Force Click can be disabled by deselecting the Force Click and haptic feedback checkbox.
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