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how to print from iphone


The most important parts of people’s lives are increasingly being kept on mobile devices. Most people today retain their photo collections on their mobile devices, either in a dedicated photo album or on social media apps like Instagram.

With cloud data storage, you can easily access the files you need from any location, so you can take the documents you need with you wherever you go. A modern traveler can be instantly brought to their office from anywhere in the globe, provided they have access to WiFi or a strong 4G signal.

Obviously, the widespread availability of portable devices has also led to a shift in the way people print. The convenience of having information at your fingertips is undeniable, but there are occasions when a hard copy is preferable, whether it’s a treasured photo, a CV, or a legal document.

To stay up with the times, modern printers have printing software optimized for use with a variety of mobile devices. It is possible to print from your mobile device using Apple’s AirPrint or Google’s Cloud Print on many newer models without installing any additional apps or software. It’s important to know where to begin because the first setup process can vary per manufacturer.

How to Print From iPhone to HP Printer

how to print from iphone

HP’s proprietary software let you quickly and easily connect your mobile device to your printer. The instruction for setting up is quite user-friendly and will guide you through the procedure step by step.

  • Choose your operating system and a web browser from the drop-down menus provided: Apple, Android, Windows, Google Chrome, and Amazon.
  • Join your gadget and printer on the same wireless network. HP Wireless Direct printing allows your mobile device to connect to your HP printer using WiFi without going through a router or a network.

 AirPrint: it’s a breeze to print from an Apple device to any HP printer that supports AirPrint.        Since the software is already installed, there is no need to undertake any more configuration. When your mobile device and printer are linked over WiFi, you can do the following:

  • Click the “Share” button after opening the page or material you wish to print.
  • Choose the printing option.
  • If you have a Chromebook or another device running Chrome OS, you can print wirelessly from anywhere using Chrome Print – Google On The GO printing. After adding your printer to Google Cloud Print, the next steps are simple:

Chrome Print:  was Achieved by launching the Cloud Print app.

  • In order to print something, you will need to do it from a Chrome browser or an app that is
  • compatible with it. In most cases, when you click “print,” a PDF file will be created without you having to do anything else. To choose your printer, click the “Change” button that appears below this selection.
  • Pick your Google Cloud printer. Select your printer here; it may be among previously connected printers and/or options available through your local network.
  • Select “Print,” then gather your paper whenever it’s convenient for you.
    Check out this HP page for further information.

Windows: the first step is to select “Devices,” and then pick your networked printer, much like with AirPrint. Simple as can be! Check out HP’s website for further details.

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How to Print From iPhone to Canon Printer

Canon printers are very simple to set up for wireless printing from any device. AirPrint and Google Drive Print are already installed on many Canon printers. The Canon app has a tonne of extra features, such as the ability to print photos instantly, batch print multiple images, and more. The program allows for the customization of granular print settings like color mode, page count, and duplex printing. There isn’t much complexity involved in the app’s setup:

  • Join your gadget on the internet
  • Download the Canon app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Get it from the download link and put it on your gadget.
  • To print a file, simply open it in your computer’s web browser and click the print button. With this choice, you’ll be taken to a print preview where you may make various adjustments to the way the print comes out.
  • Select “Printer” from the Canon Mobile Printing print preview menu to see a list of connected printers. There is also the option to conduct a manual search for your printer if it isn’t already recognized. You can find additional resources and troubleshooting advice on Canon’s website.
    Input print.
  • The Canon printing app for mobile devices is extremely flexible and makes it simple to adjust print settings. To get the most out of this program, I suggest reading Canon’s explanation of each function and the comprehensive instructions for using it. Canon printers with built-in support for AirPrint and Google Drive Print follow a setup procedure roughly comparable to that outlined above for HP printers.

How to Print From iPhone to Epson Printer

how to print from iphone

Getting Your iPhone’s Print Job to an Epson Printer

Epson Connect is the name of Epson’s software meant to facilitate wireless connections between mobile devices and its printers. Each one is optimized for a certain task, comes ready to print on the majority of modern Epson printers, and can be set up in minutes.

You can connect with Epson to upload programs made for your mobile device, or you can choose an app made by Epson to simplify a specific business job, such as email, creative printing for photographs, remote printing, scanning, or just “printing,” which encompasses aspects from all of the above.

All the programs and instructions for installing them are provided here. If you click on a certain app, you may learn more about its functions, features, and system requirements.

For the most part, sending a print job from an Android device to an Epson printer should follow the same procedure.

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How to Print From iPhone to Brother Printer

Brother’s direct-to-mobile printing choices vary depending on the connected mobile device. Free apps and software connections exist for a variety of mobile devices that can be used with your printer (a full list for each mobile device brand is available on the brother website here).

New Brother printers typically come with AirPrint and Google Drive Print software already installed, allowing users to connect their mobile devices to the printer via a network.

The Brother iPrint&Scan app is free and compatible with iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, as well as Windows Phones. The Brother iPrint&Label accessory is also free and enables wireless printing from Android and Kindle devices. Each facilitates the management of print jobs and provides easy access to printing from a variety of document kinds and applications.

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