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How to Make Your Twitter Account Private

how to make twitter account private

Twitter is a terrific way to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world, as well as with the people and organizations that you care about. Since you can choose to make your Twitter account private, you need not have a public account to do so.

Converting your Twitter account to private mode is a terrific method to keep your digital footprint small while increasing your sense of safety and privacy online. Thankfully, Twitter makes this a breeze.

Go Private on Twitter Using the Web App

In only a few clicks, you may make your Twitter account private through the web app:

You have successfully made your tweets private. Researching how to keep your Twitter account safe from social media attacks is a terrific method to guarantee a trouble-free and secure time on the internet.

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Put Your Twitter Account on Private Using the Mobile App

Twitter’s mobile app is where its users spend most of their time. If you find yourself in a similar position, relax. It’s just as easy to set your Twitter account to private on the mobile app as it is on the web app. In order to accomplish this:

Okay, that settles it. As of right now, only the people who follow you on Twitter will be able to view your tweets. This way, you know that only your approved connections will be able to view your information.

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Retaining Your Privacy on Twitter

In spite of the public nature of social media, your privacy can still be protected. By enabling protection for your tweets, you can restrict access to them and the interactions they receive.

There are other ways to safeguard your anonymity on the microblogging service. You may take various precautions on Twitter to keep your account and personal information safe.

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