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8+ Easy Fixes for Mobile Data Not Working on Android


Mobile data is essential for the correct operation of your mobile device. Picture this: you’re using your Android or iPhone and suddenly your mobile data stops working. Despite the fact that mobile data might be highly productive during specific windows of time, there are also periods when it is not. We both agree that when it fails, it can cause a lot of trouble.

But the good news is that these issues have simple solutions. The bright side is that the solutions to these problems are typically not overly involved. As such, I have compiled a short list of solutions to the most typical problems that people experience while trying to access the internet via their mobile devices.

How to Tell if Your Mobile Data Is Not Working on Android

Issues with mobile data and networks extend beyond simply being unable to access the web while utilizing a cellular data network. The better query to put forward is “Why is my internet so slow?”

In the event that your mobile data isn’t functioning, it’s straightforward to tell. It’s possible to be physically connected to the internet even though nothing you try works, even though your phone’s status bar says otherwise.

It’s also possible that you’re just dealing with painfully slow transfer rates both ways. Make sure your cell data is functioning properly by testing its internet speed. To verify your assumptions, select “Check my connection” from the task manager.

Don’t freak out if you’re having trouble with your mobile connection; there are lots of solutions. Most of these techniques are elementary in nature.

Steps to Fix Mobile Data Not Working on Android

1. Check If You’ve Reached Your Mobile Data Limit

how to fix mobile data not working on android

The majority of mobile phone service providers provide data plans with capped monthly use. Let’s be honest, most of us probably would have taken data roaming for granted without even thinking about it. Therefore, this could be the case if your Android phone’s mobile data isn’t functioning. Only if you have an unlimited data plan will you never need to worry about this.

If you want to know if you’ve reached your daily, weekly, or monthly data cap on your mobile device, just look in the settings. Select “Data usage” to see how much of your monthly allowance you’ve already used.

If you find that you have exceeded your data limit, it is recommended that you contact your carrier immediately. If you didn’t, you may need to investigate further into why your mobile data suddenly stopped functioning.

2. Try Restarting Your Mobile Phone

how to fix mobile data not working on android

It’s a running gag on the internet that you can fix any broken device by turning it off and back on again. Despite their overused nature, there are times when they become useful. Though the seeming ease of this solution raises suspicion, often the simplest solutions are the most effective.

Some users have found that putting their phones on “Airplane Mode” helps them in many situations. Select “Wireless Networks” or “Connections” from the settings menu to accomplish this. Then, put your phone into airplane mode and put it to sleep. Please wait a minute before restarting your mobile device. In the same menu, disable Airplane mode.

After that try using mobile data again to ensure it is functioning properly. Make sure you’re just using cellular data and have disabled mobile WiFi to ensure an exact check.

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3. Check If You’re on Airplane Mode

Incorrect configurations are usually the blame when mobile data stops working. This may sound ridiculous, but it’s actually rather common to forget details. Maybe you forgot to disable “Airplane mode” after a lengthy flight. Alternatively, it’s possible that you accidentally activated it and were unaware of the situation.

Go into your phone’s settings and disable airplane mode if you find it’s on. To access this feature, you’ll need to navigate to either the “Wireless Networks” or “Connections” menu, depending on your phone’s make and model as well as your version of Android. Specifically, look for an option called “Airplane Mode.” When you’ve finished, turn it back on and double-check your mobile data connection.

4. Check If You’re Using the Right Mobile Network

how to fix mobile data not working on android

Verifying that you’re utilizing the proper connectivity is another quick fix for mobile data issues. There are some network modes that may not convert perfectly depending on the Android device you use.

When it comes to the ideal internet connection, different phone models have varied needs. Some 4G-capable phones are optimized for use on 4G networks, while others have 4G connectivity but perform poorly. Be sure your phone is making the most of its potential by ensuring the network settings are optimized.

On an Android phone, switching network modes is a breeze. To begin, access your preferences. Next, head on over to where it says “Mobile Data.” Select “Network One” and then pick the mode that works best with your device.

If your phone supports automatic switching between 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, you should choose that mode so that your phone can make use of the best network available at any given time. Verify that your mobile internet connection is back up and running after switching the network mode.

5. Re-Insert Your Sim Card

Another possible solution is to reinsert the SIM card into the phone. Restarting your phone or resetting the SIM card’s connection can often resolve cellular data connection troubles. It’s important to remember that removing the SIM card from your phone necessitates turning off the device.

After taking out the SIM card, you should wait 30 seconds before replacing it. Activate your mobile device again and wait for it to find available networks. The next step is to see if the mobile data problem still exists.

6. Reset Your APN

how to fix mobile data not working on android

Access Point Names (APNs) are the means by which your mobile network provider (MNP) interacts with your device. Your IP address and gateway information are two of the most crucial pieces of information needed to access the internet. As vital as they are, they’re nevertheless bound to cause some troubles at one point or another. If that occurs, try resetting your APN to see if that resolves your cellular data problems.

Go into your phone’s settings menu to delete and then add your APN. The next step is to access the menu where you may modify your network preferences. Wireless Controls, Wireless Networks, Connection, and Mobile Data are all possible names for this submenu, depending on the specific phone model you’re using.

Choose “Mobile Networks” and then “Access Point Names” once you’ve found the appropriate section. Once you’ve done so, your phone’s stored APN list will be displayed. When that happens, select “Reset to Default” from the menu.

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7. Change Your APN Protocol

If resetting your APN automatically did not work, you may need to manually enter your APN information. Unfortunately, this choice in the APN menu isn’t available on all devices.

Nonetheless, there are a great number of mobile devices that allow you to customize the APN protocol or leave it blank entirely. Select IPv4/IPv6 if you can. Rather than picking between the two possibilities, go with this third choice.

8. Manually Enter Your APN

how to fix mobile data not working on android

Unfortunately, cell phones do have their flaws. An update to your phone’s operating system or the application software may not always result in optimal performance. Faulty APN configurations are a common source of trouble. Your APN’s automatic reset can fail, therefore you might need to try resetting it by hand.

Entering your APN address, however, is a breeze.

To get started, enter your device’s APN configurations. Select the “+” or “menu” button there. When prompted, click “New APN.” Then, enter the appropriate APN information for your service provider.

Typically, you may find this information online, either on a dedicated website for the carrier or on a support or information page. After doing so, you can choose this option from your list after saving the change. Last but not least, see if you’re online by checking your internet connection.

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