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Fixing The JNI Error when Installing a Minecraft Server in Java Edition!

Fans of Minecraft will know that the new Caves and Cliffs update was just launched. The long-awaited update added several things, including new enemies, blocks, goods, and achievements.

To run properly, Minecraft server software now requires Java 16. This was not the case in prior versions.

Most of the time, an out-of-date installation of Java is to blame when encountering the JNI issue when trying to configure a Minecraft server.

Exactly What Does It Mean When We Say There Was A JNI Error?

Because of a JNI problem, the application is unable to execute the native method’s related code.

This happens most often because Java Development Kit (JDK) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE) was not loaded. Minecraft Java Edition has a history of errors like this one.

When Trying to Launch a Minecraft Server, Why Do Users Encounter A JNI Error?

In the past, Minecraft server software was backward-compatible with earlier versions of Java.

Newer versions of Minecraft, however, must have Java installed before they can be launched and function properly.

If a player encounters a JNI issue, they can fix it by downloading and installing the most recent version of Java.

This is why players who have previously set up and run Minecraft servers with older versions may see this issue while attempting to set up a 1.17 server.

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Error Occurred in JNI in Minecraft; How To Correct

If you’re getting a JNI error in Minecraft, you can solve it by following the steps below.

Get the most recent version of Java.

The JNI error, it has been found, typically happens when Java is being run from an older version. This can be fixed by upgrading to the most recent version of Java. To update to the most recent version of Java, perform the following steps:

  1. Get the most recent version of Java from Oracle’s site. Always use the appropriate package for your operating system (Linux, macOS, Windows).
  2. Install it on your computer by following the on-screen prompts after the download is complete.
  3. You can now check to see if the JNI error in Minecraft has been resolved by returning to the game. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next possible solution.

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Fix Java’s Broken Path System Variables

Corrupted Java system variable paths are another possible source of the JNI issue. In order to remedy this, we need to go into the System Properties screen and edit the Environment Variables to delete the Java Environment variables. To continue, please do as follows:

  1. To launch the Run dialogue box, press the Win+R keys and then hit Enter.
  2. Go to System properties, then the Advanced tab, and finally the Environment variables button.
  3. To modify the Path system variable, go to the Variables section of the System menu and click the Edit button.
  4. Select the corrupted Java variable paths, click “Delete,” and then restart your computer.
  5. If you are unsure of which variable to remove, remove them all and reinstall Java using the instructions above. Now try running Minecraft again to see if the JNI fault has been resolved.
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