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Fixing Incorrect Sound Icons in Windows 11! What Exactly Is the Problem’s Root Cause?


Among the many issues with audio playback are incorrect icons, lengthy delays during playback, and sluggish program responses.

It looks like there are some kinks in this version that need ironing out. And this subject we’re talking about right now is a great illustration of that.

The window displays the volume level in the bottom right corner of the taskbar; however, at the moment, it incorrectly indicates muted volume for many users, even when their PC is not muted.

Also, the text Speakers/Headphones Muted appears when the mouse hovers over the volume symbol.

There Seems to Be an Issue with The Audio Playback Icons and Windows 11 Overall

How to Fix Incorrect Windows 11 Audio Icons

If your audio is lagging on Windows 11, it may be due to low RAM, outdated software or OS, having too many add-ons or apps open at once, or having out-of-date drivers for your audio hardware.

The wrong speaker or sound icon may appear in the taskbar and desktop if you haven’t updated your device drivers in a while. Icon and sound problems may also have their roots in improperly configured system settings.

Windows 11: Fixing the Fading Sound Icons

Though Windows 11 has improved greatly in terms of features and a more contemporary design, it is still plagued by a number of issues. You’ll find the most effective solutions right here to restore Windows 11’s broken audio and icons.

1. You Should Reboot Windows 11 Now.

In Most Cases, a Quick Restart of Windows Will Fixes the Sluggish User Interface and Any Lag in The Audio.

2. Modify to Windows 11 Instead of The Previous Version.

Updates to Windows Can Install Corrections for Flaws that May Be Causing Problems with The Audio Icon and Playback.

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3. Delete the Windows 11 Programs and Install New Ones.

How to Fix Incorrect Windows 11 Audio Icons

Verify to Discover if An Updated Version of The Program You’re Employing Is Currently Available.

It’s Possible that The Update Already Contains the Fixes for The Audio and Icon Glitches.

If You Didn’t Get the App from The Microsoft Store, Look in The File, Help, and About Menus for A Button Labeled Upgrade or Check for Update.

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4. Modify or Remove the Default Windows 11 Sounds.

If You’re Using Windows 11 and Are Hearing the Wrong System Noises, You Can Alter Them Manually.

5. Fix Spotify’s Overlay Controls on Windows 11.

There Are a Few Different Things You Can Do if You Suspect that The Lag Time in The Audio or The Sound Indicator Is Due to Spotify Track Playback.

6. Audio Streaming Should Be Simplified.

How to Fix Incorrect Windows 11 Audio Icons

Verify that Your Windows 11 Computer Is Linked to The Audio System. Perhaps the Audio Lag Is Due to The Presence of Another Device, Such as A Mixer or Smartphone, in The Middle of The Action.

7. Use the Windows Troubleshooter.

To Access This Feature, Go to The Settings Menu and Select System > Troubleshoot. if A Troubleshooter Doesn’t Launch Automatically, Select Other Trouble-Shooters and Then Run the Ones for Playing Audio or Video or Installing Programs from The Windows Store.

8. Check for App Compatibility Issues.

Isolated Audio Delays in A Single Program Could Indicate that It Needs a More Powerful System to Function Properly.

From the App’s Microsoft Store Page, Select System Requirements to See if Your Machine Meets the Minimum System Requirements.

9. Turn Off Any Extras or Plugins You May Have Installed for The Audio Program.

Performance-Enhancing Add-Ons Slow Down the Program and Cause Lag in The User Interface and Media Playback.

Turn Off Any Extras that You Don’t Plan on Using. if The Lags Remain, You May Need to Reinstall or Disable the App.

You Can Typically Reinstall or Redownload the App’s Expansions if You Decide You Want Them Again.

10. To Fix This, You Need to Update Your Windows Drivers.

How to Fix Incorrect Windows 11 Audio Icons

Install Any Updated Drivers for Your Display Adapters and Multimedia Controllers. Both the Audio Lag and The Incorrect Icons on The Windows 11 Taskbar and Desktop May Be Fixed by This.

11. You’ll Need to Pick the Default Audio Device in Windows 11 Manually.

Select Giant Icons from The Management Panel Drop-Down Menu to Fix the Erroneous Audio Icons from Showing.

To Enable the System’s Default Speaker, Go to Menu > Sound > Playback > Allow.

Repeat the Right-Click and Select “Set as Default” from The Menu. Once You’ve Made Your Changes, Restart the Computer to Make Sure They Stick.

12. Use Activity Supervisor to Force Foreground Apps to Exit.

Launch Activity Supervisor to End Any Unnecessary Applications or Services Running in The Background. This Has the Potential to Significantly Increase the Speed of Windows Computers, Especially More Mature Models.

13. Check the Website of Your Laptop’s Manufacturer.

You May Find a Fix for Your Specific Laptop Model on Their Site, Along with A Replacement or Driver that You’ll Need to Install.

14. Your Windows 11 Computer Needs a Reset.

Follow These Steps to Get Windows 11 Back to Its Factory Settings.

The Keep My Files Option Will Allow You to Keep All of Your Data, but You Will Have to Reinstall Any Third-Party Programs or Extensions You’ve Added.

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