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How to Fix Headphone Jack on Android? Check Here for All Updates!


If listening to music on your smartphone is essential to your everyday life, then having an issue with the jack is quite low on the list of things you could ask for. However, headphone jack issues are more widespread than most people realize, and isolating the source of the problem can be a major pain.

There are three basic causes of headphones breaking: lint/dirt buildup, faulty software, or broken hardware. If you often use headphones, you may want to attempt the solutions below before taking them in for repair.

But before moving on to the remedies, make sure the headphone jack works properly after restarting the smartphone. It’s also worth noting that many headphones have a volume control right on the headphones themselves. If is that the case, then make sure the headphones aren’t muted.

Method One: Pinpointing the Cause

how to fix headphone jack on android

Make sure the headphones are in working order before you start attempting different solutions. Plugging the headphones into something else is the quickest method to test this theory. Another Android is not required; any device with a 3.5 mm port will do.

You have found the cause if you are unable to hear any sound through your headphones when you are using them with another device. Getting a new pair of headphones is the solution here. If your headphones do function when connected to a different device, the issue likely resides outside of your headphones.

In order to test if a new set of headphones will work with your smartphone, try plugging them in now. It’s likely that the first pair isn’t going to work with your Android device, even if you are able to get sound out of them.

There could be a hardware problem with the jack or an internal glitch in the program if you’re not getting any sound. Both of these situations have straightforward solutions detailed in the links below.

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Method Two: Cleaning the Headphone Jack

how to fix headphone jack on android

It’s amazing how quickly dust, lint, and other debris may accumulate in your headphone socket. The issue is that these are prone to obstructing the jack, making it impossible to use headphones.

To begin, get a flashlight and peer inside the jack to see if there is any dirt or debris lodged inside. Now turn off your gadget entirely and unplug it from power if it was charging. Carefully pluck out any unwanted intruders using a needle, tweezers, or a toothpick. A second option is to blow into the jack, though I wouldn’t advise using compressed air in case you end up pushing the debris farther inside.

After any significant debris has been removed, you can clean the jack by inserting a cotton swab wet with a very small amount of rubbing alcohol. Gently twirl it to remove any lingering lint or dust.

Check your work by peering back into the jack with the flashlight once you’re finished. To check if your headphones are still functioning, turn the device off for a time and then back on again.

Method Three: Eliminating Any Bluetooth Connection

The jack may be deactivated by the operating system if you have paired your Android handset with a wireless device such as a speaker or a wireless headset. If you haven’t changed the Bluetooth settings, any device plugged into the connector will be automatically recognized by stock Android.

However, because Android is open-source and developed by a wide variety of companies, the behavior varies between manufacturers and versions of the operating system.

  • Examine the list of linked gadgets by selecting Settings > Bluetooth.

how to fix headphone jack on android

  • To stop your phone from broadcasting audio, simply tap the info icon next to the offending entry.

how to fix headphone jack on android

  • Test the headphones by disabling Bluetooth and seeing if they play properly.
  • how to fix headphone jack on android

If that one doesn’t help, try the next one.

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Method Four: Fixing Software Malfunctions

If none of those solutions worked, the problem is probably caused by a bug in the software. To begin, head into your Android’s settings menu for its audio and ensure that it isn’t muted. Start over and crank up the volume on everything.

  • In case this doesn’t help, try the instructions below:
  • Install the SoundAbout app from the Google Play store.
  • Launch the application and select Media audio.
  • If you’re using a regular headset with a microphone, choose Wired Headset; if you have your own headphones, choose Wired Headphones.

The program can be closed while it continues to function in the background. Put in your headphones or headset and see if they activate.

We sincerely hope that one of the solutions we’ve outlined above helped you fix the problem with the headphones jack. If none of those work, it’s probably not a trivial issue and you should call in the pros.

Most likely, you need to repair your earphone jack because it is broken. If you are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you should contact the store where you purchased the item and arrange for a repair or replacement.

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