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How to Fix Having Trouble with Contact Names Not Displaying on Your iOs Device?


Below you’ll discover instructions for troubleshooting and resolving the issue of Contact Names Missing on iPhone, in the event that your device displays just phone numbers for your contacts.

iPhone Showing Contacts As Numbers

In the event that your iPhone is not displaying Contact Names, only Phone Numbers will be displayed in Call Notifications.

Likewise, the sender’s name won’t be included in the Message Notification alert that you’ve received; only the phone number will be displayed.

iCloud syncing problems, bugs in the Contacts, Email, or Messages app, or a combination of these and other factors could all be to blame for an iPhone’s failure to display contact names.

1. Restart iPhone

how to fix contact names not showing, appearing as numbers in ios

A frozen app or service could be blamed for the inaccessibility of your contacts. If you restart your iPhone, you should see the problem go away.

To power down, select Settings > General > Shut Down from the menu that appears. A slider will appear on the following screen; use it to turn off your iPhone.

You can restart your iPhone by holding down the Power button for 30 seconds after turning off the device fully.

2. Edit Any Contact

how to fix contact names not showing, appearing as numbers in ios

Launch the iPhone’s Contacts application and make a quick change to an existing Contact’s information. This will cause a database refresh in the Contacts section, which should fix the issue.

Launch the iPhone’s Contacts app, then select a name from the list. You can make a quick adjustment to a contact’s information by using the Edit button.

Small adjustments, such as adding text to the Notes area, can be made with a single push of the Done button.

This will update your iPhone’s Contacts database and should resolve the issue of missing or obscured contact names.

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3. Switch Contacts Off/on in I Cloud

how to fix contact names not showing, appearing as numbers in ios

It’s possible that the issue is related to the fact that your iPhone’s Contacts are saved in iCloud and aren’t synchronizing as they should be.

To disable iCloud contact sync, select Settings > your Apple ID > iCloud > and flip the Contacts switch to OFF.

When prompted, choose the “Keep on My iPhone” option. Restore iCloud Contacts by toggling them back on after the procedure is complete.

When the following window appears, choose the Merge tab.

The names of your contacts should now be retrievable, we hope!

4. Switch Contacts Off/on in Default Email Account

It’s possible that the issue stems from your iPhone’s inability to sync with your email contacts.

Set your primary email account as the default by visiting Settings > Mail > Accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, etc). The slider adjacent to Contacts must be turned OFF on the subsequent screen.

In 30 seconds, you can turn on Contacts by toggling the switch next to it.

5. Switch I Messages Off/on

how to fix contact names not showing, appearing as numbers in ios

Turn iMessage off by going to Settings > Messages > Turn Off.

After 30 seconds, to Enable iMessage again, slide the switch next to it to the ON position.

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6. Signout from iPhone and Sign-In Back

how to fix contact names not showing, appearing as numbers in ios

To sign out of your Apple ID, go to Settings > tap on your Apple ID name > scroll to the bottom of the page and press on the Sign-out option.

If prompted, enter your Apple ID password on the pop-up. When prompted, choose the iCloud data types you wish to download to your device and then hit the Sign Out button.

When you log back into your iCloud account, you should now see the names and numbers of your contacts.

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