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How to Uninstall Chrome on Android: Things You Need to Know


One may choose to disable Google Chrome on their Android device for a variety of reasons, including the desire for privacy, the desire to free up RAM space, the desire to use a different browser, etc. One should first visit the Phone’s Settings menu, then delete all Chrome data, and only then disable the browser. To disable Chrome, go to Settings > Apps > Chrome and press the Force halt and Disable buttons at the same time.

Chrome, developed by Google, is a browser that works across multiple platforms. It was first made available in 2008. Even though it was originally released just for Windows, Chrome is now the default browser on iOS, Android, and Linux. Since it is consistent and reliable, it has gained widespread acceptance over the globe.

Chrome is a web browser that combines a sleek user interface with speedy performance. For a long time, my go-to web browser on my Android was Chrome. Unfortunately, I’ve had to hunt for a solution to this method due to a number of problems and recent privacy concerns.

There was a moment when I was no longer happy with the service and also worried about a few other things. The primary problem I’ve been having is that I can’t figure out how to delete the app from my Android phone. Given that it is a built-in feature included with the more well-known Google Apps, it cannot be removed from the device or the Google Play Store.

To that end, this post will walk you through the process of switching from Google Chrome to another browser if you’re new to this platform. It’s possible that Chrome can be disabled instead of uninstalled.

Disabling Chrome has the same effect as uninstalling it, eliminating the app from the app drawer and stopping all processes related to it. The software can be deleted from the app store, but it will remain on the phone’s internal storage.

Later on, I’ll talk about a few additional mobile browsers that you might find interesting.

Why Uninstall/disable Google Chrome?

The browser’s reputation for lightning-quick loading times and little resource usage precedes it. Furthermore, Google Chrome provides the user with everything they may want in a browser. Syncing of preferences, compatibility with web standards, an anonymous browsing mode, and so on are all part of the package. In addition, Chrome has not had any security flaws exploited for the past two years.

  • Even if you already have a good web browser, I can still think of a few reasons why you and I would want to switch.
  • One possible cause is that people who care deeply about their privacy are growing tired of using the same service. Fortunately, there are privacy options available. However, Google stores a record of every move within the browser.
  • Using Chrome on an older phone can cause it to crash unexpectedly due to its high memory requirements.
  • No add-ons can be used on the Chrome mobile browser. Chrome’s competition, the Kiwi and Yandex browsers, both have add-ons for mobile devices.

Clear Data and Cache Before Disabling Chrome

The Chrome browser is compatible with browser caching, which is used to speed up the browsing experience by saving the website’s static files on the user’s computer. Since Chrome is no longer necessary, erasing its cache and cookies makes sense.

Caches can accumulate significant amounts of data storage space. Most of which are bloated with irrelevant data that slow down your phone. There are extra complications as a result, such as login attempts that don’t work and responses from some websites that aren’t relevant. Therefore, it is critical that you occasionally delete your internet history.

how to delete google chrome in android

Here’s how to erase your Google Chrome history:

  • Activate the Android device.
  • Go ahead and open Google Chrome by clicking its icon.
  • Use the menu selection button.
  • Choose the Preferences menu.
  • Pick the Security and Privacy menu item.
  • Select the tab labeled Clear browsing data.
  • Complete the fields in the BASIC section.
  • Use the Delete all user info button.

You can choose a specific time period during which all of your browsing histories will be erased. The default setting is one hour ago. Additionally, you can filter the results to show only those from the past 24 hours, the last week, the last month, or from the beginning of time.

Further, if you wish to remove all saved passwords, you can do so by going to the Advanced tab, checking the relevant boxes, and then clicking the Clear data option.

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Disable Google Chrome from the Android

how to delete google chrome in android

Google Chrome may be deleted from computers, iOS smartphones, and Android gadgets with the same ease as any other app. On Android, however, Chrome comes installed and is the default browser. Therefore, we can’t just delete it like we do the rest of the apps. However, once more, there is nothing particularly complex about it.

  • Launch the Settings menu on your Android device.
  • Just go down until you see the tab labeled “Apps” and click there.
  • Keep in mind that the word “Apps” may be spelled differently on your phone’s Settings page. Apps are what it’s called on Samsung devices.
  • It’s as simple as scrolling down and tapping to launch Chrome again.
  • To close Chrome, use the Force stop option.
  • Select the Turn Off menu item.

If you followed the steps above, your device should be back to its original, unmodified state. The Chrome app can be hidden from the App launcher with the Disable command. The good news is that this method will successfully uninstall the program from any Android device.

Please be aware that it is not uncommon to experience troubles when using the Internet, such as the inability to access certain websites or receiving an “invalid login attempt” message after entering your credentials.

Many browsers include these features by default. Also, for these reasons, removing Chrome won’t help. Instead, you might try starting fresh by erasing all of your browser’s temporary files and history.

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Bottom Line: Disable Chrome from Android

Certainly, Google Chrome has always provided an excellent service to its users. Moreover, new data shows that it accounts for an astounding 68% of the global market. Yet many Internet users continue to favor Chrome’s competitors.

Now, it’s possible that many factors led to individuals settling on a particular option. In my opinion, the Chrome web browser is the best. However, after using it on my Android phone for a few months, I noticed a rise in the frequency of unexpected crashes. Furthermore, the issue still seemed to exist at the same level after many troubleshoots were performed.

If you like the Chrome experience and want to keep it even after switching browsers, give Chromium a try. Alternatively, you can test out other browsers that use the chromium engine, such as Microsoft Edge, Brave, SlimBrowser, etc. The Android version of Mozilla Firefox is another viable option. They provide a quick browsing service and come with a tonne of added features.

If you know of any other browsers that can compete with Chrome, please let us know. Tell us about your own Chrome-related experiences, please.

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