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How to delete a page in MS Word!


Follow these simple procedures to remove a blank page from the center of your Word file or the end of your document.

If you’re printing from a Microsoft Word document and notice any blank pages, it could make you look unprofessional or cause you some discomfort.

Blank pages might also mess with the formatting of your document when you try to export it to a new file format.

Before presenting or printing a lengthy Word document, be sure there are no blank pages or a missing last page.

Instructions for Removing a Complete Word Document Page

how to delete a page in word

Deleting a page that has both text and images requires different action than deleting a blank page. First, we’ll go over how to get rid of a whole page in Word that contains the text.

Selecting the page to be deleted is the first step. Navigate to the desired page manually or by using the Go to command (Windows: Ctrl + G; Mac: Option + Command + G).

  1. Once the page is located, pick a random area on it.
  2. Click and drag to select everything on the page. This may seem like a redundant step, but it ensures Word deletes the entire page and not just the selected text.
  3. To quickly jump to a certain page, use the Go to command (Ctrl + G; Option + Command + G on a Mac) and enter “page” into the Enter page number field. To exit, first choose Go to (or hit Enter/Return on your keyboard) and then Close.
  4. You can also use a drag-and-drop method to select everything on the page.
  5. You can just get rid of the page. There isn’t a specific page deletion feature in Microsoft Word, but after selecting the relevant text, erasing it is a breeze.
  6. Make sure the full page is selected before pressing the Delete key.

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Tips for getting rid of a blank page in Microsoft Word

how to delete a page in word

It’s a quirk of most word processors, including Word, that they add extra blank pages at the conclusion of your document for no apparent reason. It’s best practice to get rid of those before sending anything to your employer or the printer.

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The first thing you should do is open the Navigation panel so you can locate the blank page(s). Make sure the Navigation pane is visible by selecting the View menu and checking the appropriate box under the Tabs section.

  1. If you want to see all the pages in your document, click Pages in the sidebar on the left.
  2. Select the blank page or pages you wish to remove from the list by scrolling down the page. Select one and use the double-click action to immediately access it.
  3. Display paragraph markers by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 8 on Windows or Command + 8 on Mac.
  4. On the blank page, select the paragraph mark, then click the Home tab. Type 1 in the Font size box. You can permanently set the size by pressing Enter.
  5. Afterward, the paragraph following the paragraph mark should be able to wrap around to the previous page, doing away with the blank page.
  6. To remove the paragraph markers once again, step five entails pressing Ctrl + Shift + 8 (on Windows) or Command + 8 (on a Mac).
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