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How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone and iPad? Learn Easy Steps in 2022

How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone and iPad? Learn Easy Steps in 2022

Do you wish to convert your iPhone or iPad photo to PDF? With only one swipe, you may convert a photo to a PDF file. The document can then be shared or saved for later use. The steps are simple, so continue reading if you’re ready! Now is the time to read this article!

You might want to convert an image to a PDF on your iPhone or iPad for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’d like to convert your photos to a portable document format for better documentation or compatibility. Perhaps you prefer using various annotation apps to give a personal touch to your recollections. Whatever the reason, converting photos to PDF on your iPhone is simple. Allow me to show you how it’s done properly.

How to Convert a Photo on an iPhone in 2022

Despite the fact that Stock Photographs does not have a built-in converter for converting photos to PDFs, there are a few quick ways to do so. There are also various free iOS image to PDF converters that allow you to alter the margin, page size, and orientation before converting the images if you want to be more versatile. Which strategy you should employ is entirely dependent on your preferences and requirements.

1st method

The Apple Files app’s simplicity allows it to be used for a wide range of tasks. Let’s have a look at some of the possibilities. You’ve got yourself an eCommerce website that sells your images directly to buyers online with just a few clicks. It’s also well-equipped to convert an image to a PDF document quickly and easily. What’s the catch, then? You can immediately convert your photos into portable document formats using the file manager programme. To attain that goal, follow the steps outlined below.

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and select the photo you want to convert to a PDF file. To convert a single image into a portable document format, click the Share icon in the bottom left corner.

Select Save to Folders from the drop-down menu and select a place. If you want to convert numerous photos at once, go to the top right corner and pick Share – Save to Files from the drop-down menu. Then select your favourite location from the drop-down option that appears.

Select “Open With” from the drop-down menu when right-clicking the image. From the choice of programmes that display, choose “Notepad.” Then open the Files app and navigate to the folder where the photo was saved. Then, from the context menu, long-press on the photo and choose to Create PDF.

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If you wish to convert many images into PDFs at once, use the three-dot menu button in the upper right corner. Then, under Select, select all of the photos you want to convert to a PDF file.

After picking your photos, tap the three-dot More button in the bottom right corner of the screen and select the Create PDF option from the context menu. After that, you can alter or annotate your photos with one of these finest PDF editor applications.

Method 2: Converting a Photo to a PDF File Using the iPhone’s Printer Option

You may also use the built-in printer on your iOS or iPadOS device to convert a photo to PDF. To figure out how it works, follow the steps below.

From the Photos app on your iPhone, select the image you want to convert to a PDF document. Then, in the lower-left corner, hit the Sharing icon and choose Print from the share sheet.

Pinch out (pull away) on the photo preview with your fingertips to convert it into a PDF document. That is exactly what you must do in order to convert the image to a PDF. It’s that simple. If you wish to change the image after it’s been converted, hit the Share button, select the chosen method for sharing it, and then send it via iMessage, your favourite messaging software, email, or save it to the Files app.

Convert a photo to a PDF file with the Apple Books app.

Another popular tool for turning any image into a PDF file is the Apple Books app. What’s the best part? Because all you have to do is save the photographs with the Books app, the process is simple. The application works well whether you need to convert a single image to PDF or create numerous PDFs.

To begin, go to your iPhone or iPad’s Photos app and select the photos you want to convert to a portable document format. From the drop-down menu, choose a circle, then hit the Share icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Now, from the share sheet, choose the Books app. If the Books app does not appear in the share sheet after swiping left on the list of apps, go to More and choose it.

That concludes our discussion. The images will be immediately converted to PDF documents and opened in the Apple Books app. Isn’t it a piece of cake?

On the iPhone and iPad, use the third-party image to PDF converters.

I’ve tried a few different photos to PDF converters and found that there are a few iOS applications that are more efficient at converting photos to PDFs. These are the following:

Using these applications, the process of converting images to PDFs is comparable, if not easier. To show the method in this session, we’ll utilise the PDF Converter and Scanner.

On your iOS device, download and install the PDF Converter and Scanner app. Then, on the Gallery preference page, slide down to the bottom of the screen and select your photo from the Photo section. After you’ve chosen your photographs, tap Done in the top right corner of the screen.

Open the Settings app at this point. From the drop-down menu, choose your account. In the top right corner of the screen, tap the Account button. Then you’ll need to adjust the margins, orientation, and size. Then select Done in the top right corner of the screen.

You can instantly convert photos to PDF files on iOS and iPadOS.

This finishes our iPhone and iPad tutorial on how to convert photographs to PDFs. Even while having the means to convert from the stock images app would have been preferable, there are numerous other options that work just as well. You may also use several useful third-party images to PDF converters that do a lot more than just fill the space.

Which of the four alternatives do you prefer, and why? Please tell us in the comments section below. Is there a method to convert a photo to PDF on your iPhone or iPad in any other way? Now that you’ve figured it out, tell us about it in the comments area.

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