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How to Delete Google Search History: Protect Your Privacy


Is clearing your Google history something you’ve considered doing? You’re not alone in placing a high value on the privacy of your Google history; the same can be said for most of us. Many people have come to anticipate this kind of privacy, but they may not know how much personal data they are actually giving up. As a result, we need to take extra precautions to safeguard our personal information.

You never know what might be lurking in your Google history, from where you’ve been and what medical conditions you might be dealing with to details about your family or debt that could be humiliating to others. To me, the most annoying aspect of writing is having to look up every word to make sure I spelled it right (if my editors only knew).

If you want to keep a clean Google profile, you should clear your history at least every few weeks. There’s no purpose to save search history for several years in one place. Deleting these queries at regular periods is recommended for privacy and safety reasons.

Please remember that once you remove this, there is no way to recover it. After erasing your Google history, you may find that some of the personalized features that make Google search so users aren’t quite as helpful as they once were. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to reconstruct enough of a history to benefit from it, even if you don’t store every detail of your life.

How to delete your Google search history

1. Go to your Google My Activity page by clicking this link.

how to clear google search history

2. Scroll down and select Filter by date & product. When you click this button, a dialogue box will go up asking you to confirm the deletion of certain Google actions.

how to clear google search history

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3. Specify the time frame your deletion will affect.

how to clear google search history

4. Select Search from the drop-down menu, then click Apply under the “Filter by Google product” section.

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how to clear google search history

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