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How to Check Your Air Pods’ Battery Life

how to check battery on airpods

Having your Apple AirPods die right in the middle of your workout, an essential phone conversation, the most dramatic chapter of your audiobook, or your favorite podcast is one of the most aggravating things that can happen to you.

Even if you’re always careful to keep your AirPods charged, it’s likely that this has happened to you at least twice. Possibly on your mind is the question of how long an AirPods charge will last. What’s more, how can you know when the power in your AirPods is getting low? Here’s how to check the remaining battery life on your AirPods whenever you want.

How Long Do Air Pod Batteries Typically Last?

The lifespan of brand-new AirPod batteries is our first topic of discussion. Once fully charged, the average Apple AirPods user may enjoy their headphones for around six hours at maximum volume. They may last for as long as 12 hours on a single charge if you turn the volume down to half.

How to Check Air Pod Battery Life

Now that you know how to charge your AirPods, here’s how to check their remaining battery life on various gadgets. It’s worth noting that the AirPods themselves don’t have a battery indicator display because they don’t have one. There’s no way to tell how much juice is left in the battery without charging it first.

1. on Your iPhone or iPad

Open the case with the AirPods inside, and place it next to your iOS device. In a matter of seconds, a window will appear on your iPhone or iPad detailing the precise amount of power remaining in your AirPods and charging case.

That’s how simple it is, yes. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your phone if you don’t get the notification. Additionally, at 20%, 10%, and 5% battery life, a warning pop-up should appear on your iPhone or iPad to let you know that your AirPods’ battery is running low.

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2. On Your Macbook

You can open the charging case lid or take out your AirPods to check the battery life on a Mac. To continue, select Bluetooth from the list of options in the menu bar at the top of your screen. To check the remaining charge on both your right and left AirPod, simply hover or click on them.

3. without Using a Paired Device

Without a paired device, there is no reliable method to determine how much juice remains in your AirPods. However, when the battery is at 10%, a tone should play once from each earbud, and again right before powering off.

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4. Using the Air Pod Case

You can’t tell exactly how much of your AirPods’ battery life is left by looking at the case alone, but you can get a sense of whether the case is full, nearly full, low, or nearly dead. The AirPods’ status light can be found either on the front of the case or inside, in the space between the earphones, depending on the type of case you have.

Whether the AirPods are in the case or not, this light indicates the case’s status. When the earphones aren’t in their case, this light shows how much juice is left in the case. This light flashes when the earphones are plugged in and the case is open, indicating how much juice is left in the earbuds’ battery.

When the earphones are encased and the indicator light turns green, that implies they are fully charged. Indicating that they must remain in the case while being charged, a red light indicates that they are low on power.

If the case’s indicator light is green when the earbuds are not inside, charging is complete. If the case’s indicator light is red, there is only enough power for one more charge.

Tip: Add the Battery Widget to The Home Page Screen

Additionally, the battery widget on the iPhone or iPad can be used to monitor the remaining charge on your AirPods. Confused by our conversation thus far? Read on to learn how to add the battery widget to your gadget. Your iOS version must be at least 7! You won’t be able to use this widget if it doesn’t. Incorporating the widget entails :

If at least one earbud is in the charging case, this widget will display the remaining battery life for both the smartphone you’re using and the case. The widget also allows you to check the remaining charge on each earbud while they are in use.

Apple’s AirPods are among the highest-quality headphones available, regardless of whether you have the 2nd or 3rd version, the Pro, or the Max. If you know how to check the battery life of your AirPods in a variety of ways, you won’t have to worry about your headphones dying in the middle of a meeting or a flight.

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