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Here’s how To Check the Battery Life of Your Air Pods on Any Gadget!

Here's how To Check the Battery Life of Your Air Pods on Any Gadget!

You can literally feel the battery draining away from you, but you have no idea how low it actually is. How terrifying it would be if your AirPods suddenly stopped working in the middle of a crucial business conversation!

By opening the charging case next to your iOS device, you can see the remaining battery life of both your AirPods or AirPods Pros and the case itself.

The small real Apple When you want to listen to music or take Zoom calls without disrupting those around you, wireless earbuds are an essential item to have on hand.

Just wait for a second or two, and you’ll see the remaining battery life on both devices. The remaining battery life can be viewed without unlocking your iPhone or iPad.

Air Pods’ Battery Life Can Be Monitored with The Widget Provided

Setting up the battery widget is preferable to using the automatic pop-up feature, which requires the AirPods to be in the case.

This alleviates the annoyance of having to constantly check the battery status of your AirPods charging case.

Since this is the most user-friendly technique, it’s worth the two-minute investment of time to set it up. Follow these steps to configure the iOS battery widget:

  1. In order to make your app icons jiggle, tap and hold on to an empty area on your home screen.
  2. Locate the plus sign (+) in the top left corner of your screen and tap it.
  3. Find the Batteries widget by browsing the available options. Tap it.
  4. To select your preferred widget, swipe left or right and then press the “+ Add Widget” button.
  5. Just drop the widget wherever you like and hit the Done button to save the new position.

In the future, you can return to the location where you initially installed the widget to view the current percentage of your battery life. Whether your AirPods are in their case or not, you can still check their remaining battery life using the widget.

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Without a Linked Device, How Can I Check My Air Pods’ Battery Life?

You Can Still See how Much Juice Your Air Pods and Case Have Even if You Don’t Have Any Other Devices with You.

If the Air Pods Are in The Case, the Battery Life Can Be Checked by Looking at The Status Light on The Exterior of The Case or Between the Buds with The Lid Open.

In This Case, Green Means Fully Charged and Amber Means There Is Less than A Full Charge Left. when The Buds Are Not Present, the Case’s Charge Status Is Indicated by The Light.

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Battery Status for Air Pods On The Mac

It’s Also Easy to See how Much Power Your Air Pods Have Using a Mac. This Time, It Doesn’t Matter if The Earphones Are in The Charging Case or Not. Other than That, the Procedure Is Straightforward:

  1. The Air Pods May Be Removed from Their Charging Case or The Case Lid Can Be Opened.
  2. To Access the Settings Panel, Select the Gear Symbol from The Menu’s Upper Right Corner. the Movement Resembles Two Sliders that Are Pulling in Opposite Directions.
  3. In the Settings Menu, Select the Bluetooth Icon.
  4. To View, the Remaining Battery Life for Your Air Pods, Simply Moves the Mouse Pointer Over the Name of Your Air Pods.
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