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How to Change Facebook Password? Detailed Information Follows.


Users of the most popular social media platform should familiarise themselves with the process of resetting their Facebook password often. You should take great care to protect your account because it stores sensitive information such as your preferences, images, contacts, and more.

If your Facebook, email, or the service itself is ever hacked, you should be prepared to change your password.

This tutorial will show you how to change your Facebook password on both the desktop website and the mobile app.

How to Change Your Facebook Password on PC and Mac

1. To access your Facebook account, follow these steps: 1. Click the “Account” icon located at the top right of Facebook. It’s a tiny arrow pointing down.

how to change facebook password

2. Followed by “Settings,” you’ll see “Settings & privacy.” Follow this link to access your account’s default configurations.

3. Select “Security and Login” from the menu on the left. After that, select “Change password” from the menu that appears beneath “Login.”

how to change facebook password

4. Enter your current password, then use the “New” and “Retype new” forms to enter your desired new password twice. Your current password may have been pre-filled based on the cookie and auto-save preferences.

5. Select “Save Changes” to permanently store your new password.

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How to Change Your Facebook Password on Android and IOS

1. To access the main menu in the Facebook app: 1. press the symbol located in the upper right corner of the toolbar.

how to change facebook password

2. Select “Settings & Privacy” from the drop-down menu, followed by “Settings.”

how to change facebook password

3. The third step is to go to the “Security” menu, then “Security and login.” In doing so, you’ll access a new submenu. Choose “Change password” from the “Login” menu.

how to change facebook password

4. In the corresponding sections, type your current password, your new password, then your new password again to confirm.

5. After entering your new password five times, click the “Update Password” button to store it. And with that, you are finished learning how to change your Facebook password on both desktop and mobile devices.

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What if I’ve Forgotten My Current Facebook Password?

If you want to change your Facebook password but can’t remember it and your computer doesn’t offer to do so automatically, you’ll need to go through the reset process. How? Read on!

1. On both a PC and a Mac, repeat steps 1–3. Repetition of steps 1-3 is required for Android and iOS. When changing your password, you must do so from the settings page.

2. On your computer, click “Forgotten your password?” or, on your mobile device, tap “Forgotten password.” To reset your password, you will be asked to provide the email address linked to your account.

3.  After entering your email address, click “Continue” or “Next” to have the code sent to your inbox. Get the code from your email without leaving Facebook. Some delay in arrival is to be expected.

4. Once you have returned to Facebook, enter the code and click “Next” or “Continue.” Your new password is ready to be used. The reset will be complete once you click or press Continue or Next.

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